How A Loss Becomes A Victory

Because of our incredible campaign, we now have supporters and brand new alliances from Coast to Coast.

Now that the election is over and I’ve had the opportunity to ingest the results and think about their meaning, I’ve come away from our ballot-box loss feeling very much like a winner.

Neither I, nor the people who voted for our message and the messenger have anything to feel poorly about. In essence, we lost nothing.

Had the incumbent Conservative Guy Lauzon lost, he would have lost the job he continuously mentioned that he wanted to keep.

But I had no ‘job’ to lose. So I lost nothing.

And because I was not in office before the election, all of those people who voted for me and for the message to WIN BACK CANADA have lost nothing either, since the campaign to Win Back Canada still goes on.

What we did lose was the financing, travel, staff allowance and research facilities that would have been available to us had we won an Independent Seat in Ottawa.

But that only matters if there would be no other way to continue doing the things we all want done to fight for our RIGHTS not to be disenfranchised Canadians because of our majority status.

The BIGGEST losers of all are the people who fully agreed with our message and the messenger, but were too intimidated by their own political cowardice to vote their conscience.

In the USA, there is a terrible battle that is being waged. There is a government funded Leftist group known as ACORN that is doing whatever it possibly can to turn out the vote. Even to the point of fixing the election.

In Canada, some people are holding their heads in shame because of our very low voter turnout at approximately 60%.

Here is what I think of a low voter turnout – GOOD!

I am utterly convinced that most people should not vote. Why is it a good thing for a country to turn out a massive voting number when the people casting their ballots don’t have a clue as to what they are voting for, or what they are voting against?

In reality, I would prefer if people had to pass some form of litmus test before they could vote. At the very least, they should know a little something about what they are voting for.

Instead, we beg disinterested and extremely uninformed people to go to the polls to decide upon the future of the country. HOW STUPID IS THAT?

Back to this past election and our VICTORY:

Even though we lost at the polls, we received more than 2500 votes (5.7%).

But more than that, we received $45,371 in actual donations from all across Canada. I assure you that between all of our opponents combined, they didn’t raise that type of money.

Every last one of them with the exception of the conspiracy theorist from the Canadian Action Party fought their campaign from their Party’s coffers with your tax dollars.

Because of our incredible campaign, we now have supporters and brand new alliances from Coast to Coast. We have an unbelievable means to spread the word, raise money and hold our politicians’ feet to the fire.


There is another facet of not winning at the polls that is also a victory. Had we won, I would have had to dedicate a great deal of my time and effort to dealing with ‘mundane’ Riding problems that would have had nothing whatsoever to do with WINNING BACK CANADA.

There would have been untold calls, emails and visits from constituents wanting me to do something about everything. And knowing myself, I cannot do anything at less than 100%.

Had I won, I would have been working around the clock for the people of this Riding.

I would have been everywhere trying to bring new jobs and industry to the people. I would have been fighting tooth and nail for every infrastructure opportunity and every promotion I could dream up to expand the benefits available to all the constituents of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry.

I would not have had the time to spend with Anne, our animal family and the property we both love so much.

WORSE: I would not have had the time or the energy to fight the fight we all want won for Canada. No one likes to lose. But, in this case, our loss at the polls is indeed our victory.

I am in the process of doing some minor changes to Galganov Dot Com where this Site will be more proactive.

To end this editorial I have to once again say THANK YOU to the army of people who in one way or another supported this campaign. I also want to let people know that many of the checks we received after the votes had been counted are on their way back to the senders.

Some of the checks and post dates are beyond the legal date (October 14, 2008), while others are being returned because we met our campaign finance obligations, and any surplus money must be sent to the Receiver General. And nobody wants to see that happen to his or her money.

The battle goes on. Nothing has changed other than for the better.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Thanks again – deeply concerned. To me, people feel helpless, have no fight in them, just survive. I am so honored that you invited me into your world. Never Again is a place where I can feel I am doing ‘something’! We spend our money and time, enduring small hardships and it makes us feel good, why, because we are doing more than talking! Thanks again for the articles and we look forward to your arrival in our great state of TEXAS –

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