A Letter To Those Who Still Want To Fight

I love where I live. I love my lifestyle. And if anyone is going to be imposed upon because of language, culture and Quebec, IT IS NOT GOING TO BE ME!

I have received more emails today (October 15, 2008) than I was receiving during the campaign. So many in fact, that it will take me a day or more to respond to all of them in a fashion that would cover all of the concerns and issues raised.

So, instead of responding one on one, I’ve decided to incorporate my response to everyone within the context of an editorial.

The first thing I have to say is THANK YOU!

Thank you for the incredible support and gratitude you are showing towards me the day after. You have no idea how appreciative I am to know that I did not let any of you down.

There are many questions you are asking which concern the direction upon which we will head now that the election is over, and we all know where we stand vis a vis Parliament.

Some of you have suggested forming an Ontario Party that would be somewhat like the Bloc Quebecois is to Quebec. Some have suggested a Canadian Party that would represent the interests of English speaking Canada.

But most of you have shown your support for anything we can do to keep the fight alive without suggesting any formal way of doing it.

Here is what I am planning to do:

First: We now have a much larger number of people who are aware of Galganov Dot Com and the course we have taken to WIN BACK CANADA!

We really have to capitalize on this.

Second: We have an enviable base of financial supporters who’ve shown that they are willing to back a fight that has merit.

Third: There are now a great number of people on both sides of the divide who are now clearly aware of the anti-English seething underbelly of our majority community that has had just about enough.

Today, I received a phone call from a French CBC Journalist from Ottawa who is very concerned with Pro Anglo Web Sites. One in particular that caught his attention was Canada Divided Dot Com.

So we looked at it together. After reading the menu column to the left of the Home Page, he asked me which part of the headlines I agreed with, if any.

All of them I told him. There is nothing they have written that I am in any form of disagreement with.

Don’t you think that some of these points are a little extreme, like getting Quebec out of Canada? He asked.

My response to him was more complicated than a simple yes or no.

What I find extreme is that there are French ONLY healthcare clinics in Ontario, that there are laws in some parts of Ontario where it is illegal to post an English ONLY sign, that there are segregated school busses in Ontario where English speaking children are persona non grata.

I told him that I find it quite offensive that the 96% population of Ontario that is NOT French speaking, pays the lion’s share of French services, education and social institutions that EXCLUDE the English speakers who pay the bill.

I also told the CBC Journalist that I find it offensive that we English speakers, who pay virtually all the freight are turned down for jobs in our own Civil Service that we pay for.

Finally: I told him that I and millions of others are fed-up with the nation of Quebec, and would much rather see them out of the country, then to remain as an open and festering sore that is always demanding special care from the rest of us.

In conclusion though, what set him back more than anything else, was my analysis that Anglo Blow-Back is an awful lot closer and angrier than he thinks. And when it hits the fan, there will be nowhere for anti-English Franco-Activists to run or hide.

I received several emails from people out West, two in BC and one in Alberta who would love to see me move to the West away from this crap. I really appreciate their offer.

But I’ve already moved once to get away from ethnocentric Franco nationalism from Quebec to Ontario in the year 2000.


I love where I live. I love my lifestyle. And if anyone is going to be imposed upon because of language, culture and Quebec, IT IS NOT GOING TO BE ME!

Once was more than enough.

I already know what I’m going to be doing in the next few weeks concerning a national campaign to raise awareness. I’m going to put the Prime Minister’s feet to the fire and let anti-English French language bigots know that they are in for a fight they have never expected.

With the support of all the people who banded together for this LET’S WIN BACK CANADA campaign, we will indeed continue along the same path to finish what we started.

I want people to know that we are very much together, and very much determined to achieve several goals.

Number ONE and foremost: WIN BACK CANADA!

Number TWO: End discrimination against Canada’s English speaking majority.

Number THREE: Finish off the lie that Canada is a Bilingual Country.

Number FOUR: Win back our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.

Number FIVE: Do what has to be done to show Quebec the door.

The battle is still on.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You said it all, Howard! Americans MUST do the right thing in November to halt his agenda at the polls! As usual, another great editorial that brings so much into focus; too bad it does not reach more people! We are not hearing many OBUMA supporters on our radio talks shows these days, maybe we’re finally getting through! Thanks for coming on our station.

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