The Fight Still Goes On

Understand this - The best is still yet to come.

I wrote two editorials hoping that this wasn’t the one I was going to publish. But the people have spoken.

We fought an incredible campaign from the moment the writ was dropped to the time the last vote was cast.

We did it all and held nothing back. And we did it strictly with people-power from coast to coast. Not one penny of government money went into this campaign.


It was you who made everything we did possible. None of us should ever forget this.

While standing in the shower the other night, I wondered what I will do if we lose. Will I want to stay in the fight, or simply live my life quietly out of the action?

I even contemplated moving South of our border if we didn’t win, thinking that I don’t really want to continue living in a country that has so many hyphenated-Canadians and selective laws that violate our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

And then I thought of the thousands of people who have done so much to help this campaign, who wrote checks for Galganov Dot Com and checks for the campaign itself.

I thought of the people who traveled thousands of kilometers in this huge geographical riding placing signs on the shoulders of the roads and on the lawns of people who requested them.

I thought of the people who never stopped for a second to spread the word, and to argue our case.

And then I thought about this:

How in the world can I ever abandon all of those people who put so much into this campaign and so much trust in me?

The answer was simple – I cannot.

I will take a few weeks off from writing editorials about Canada and write about what’s happening South of the Border, since their outcome will in reality be more important to the future of Canada than what happens in Ottawa.

Immediately after the American election, we will begin setting up a REAL activist movement right across Canada, which will continue to do what needs to be done to WIN BACK CANADA!

I will start the process of a pan Canadian campaign to stop what has become rampant job discrimination against English speaking Canadians.

I will do what has to be done to end the influence Quebec has upon the rest of Canada, and the obscene amount of federal money that is funneled into Quebec for our politicians to win votes.

Does this read like a concession ‘speech’ from someone who’s licking his wounds in election defeat?

As long as the people are with me – I will be with the people.

Thank you all for your support and understand this:


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You’re right on again about the Leftist regime. It’s all part of the One World Order plot
    for control. God has to intervene. And ditto to you, as I wish you a sweet Rosh Hashanah
    New Year! My favorite radio talk show host is Michael Savage. Brilliant man who, also like
    you, doesn’t fear telling the truth. He also has a great web page. Hope you too can talk
    one day. God speed…..

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