The Last Editorial Before The Last Ballot Is Cast

Win or lose, every last one of you is an exceptional winner.

On October 14, 2008, ELECTION NIGHT, Anne and I will be at BIG LUKE’S Restaurant in Lancaster, just North of the 401 on the East side of the road just after the tracks.

Others who will be there will be my Campaign Team led by Beth Trudeau, her husband John, and her brother Steve, all of whom have made an incredible contribution to this campaign with their time, energy and financial support.

Whether we win or lose, we could have never run the type of campaign we did without them.

Anne and I look forward to seeing other supporters such as Jurgen Volrath and his two sons who also played an important role in this campaign.

Unfortunately, but for the very best of reasons, Kim McConnell of Canadians For Language Fairness will not be joining us, since she will be working as a Deputy Returning Officer in Fornier just outside of Ottawa.

But it must be known, without Kim McConnell and her group (CLF), we would never have been able to finance the type of campaign we ran.

BIG LUKE’S will be closing their doors in a couple of weeks, so, if you’ve never eaten there, you will miss out on what I believe are the absolute best RIBS and FRIES on the planet.

There isn’t a great deal of seating in this very cozy restaurant run by Diane and Luke, and if you want to join us in celebrating what has been a marvelous campaign, I suggest you call right now and reserve a table for yourself and your friends.

The phone number to BIG LUKE’S and the BEST ribs and fries on the planet is 613 347-1541.

Anne and I will be arriving at BIG LUKE’S at around 8:00 o’clock. We will be staying there until the winner in Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry is announced.

It will be my distinct honor and pleasure to personally thank everyone who will be joining us (at BIG LUKE’S) who has added his or her support to this campaign in any way they did.

I really hope the people turn out at the polls for us, to give us the victory we all truly deserve.

I really hope there are very few Georges out there who lack the courage of conviction to vote for something they believe in, only because they are too cowardly to do the right thing.

I hope for the sake of all of our many supporters that we get the INDEPENDENT VOICE in Parliament that we all deserve, opposed to the Party voice none of us deserve.

This isn’t over yet. I have no idea how we will do until after all the ballots will have been counted. But what I do know is this:



This is the very best time for me to say THANK YOU to everyone who has put so much into this campaign.

Win or lose at the polls – every last one of you is an exceptional winner.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Just had results of Un wanting to Ban Guns throughout all member nations It went down to defeat in USA with only Democrats voting for it. They threw our Constitution and Bill of Rights into the trash but our patriots saved them. Hope we make it to 2016. This is direct result of those who voted and those who did not mark a ballot. Manifesto We will not go to war with USA We will infiltrate their goverent, Justice, education system to highest. They will fall from within. World is such a mess.

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