The Georges Of This World Are Doing Us In

In your case George, you will be voting AGAINST what you believe. You are very much what is wrong with this country.

I receive a great many emails from all sorts of people, mostly from supporters who want to show their appreciation for the time I take to write, and for doing the things that I do.

I also receive some emails that range between being angry (against me), to being downright offensive.

Some of them are even threatening. The threatening and very angry emails I receive are copied to a special file, which is kept on record if ever the need arises to revisit them.

But yesterday, I received an email that was amongst the most disturbing and depressing of all the emails I’ve received during this entire campaign. It came from a so-called supporter.




I’ve read your stuff and love what/how you say it! I WANT to vote for you but I can’t! In this riding it is imperative that we keep the Liberal OUT! A vote for you is a vote for them. If this were a riding where the results were in doubt, you get my and my familys’ vote. WE CAN’T SPLIT THE VOTE and give the Libs a chance.

Geez, I sure like what and how you say it.

You are young enough to take another crack at it next time. Sorry, guess we’ll have to wait. We should think of forming a party of like talking & thinking Independents.




George: Then you will get the government you deserve. But we don’t all deserve the government we get.

If I lose, there are two things for you to ponder.

1 – I will not put myself through this again knowing that people will not vote as per their conscience.

2 – If Harper wins and he cedes more of your tax dollars and linguistic rights to the nation of Quebec, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

Have a very good Thanksgiving.


It is impossible for me to understand how someone who is so supportive can be such a political coward as to vote totally opposed to his conscience.

In effect, George is worse than our politicians who sell out for power, privilege, a job, and a pension.


Sometimes I wonder why I put myself forward. I don’t need the ‘job’ as Guy Lauzon puts it. I’m not looking for a paycheck, a pension or a chance to be something more than just a representative of the people.

Anne and I own a 30-year-old national advertising agency. I write and sell books throughout Canada and the USA. And we have just built an Equestrian Center where we live.

I DON’T NEED THIS! So why do I bother?

I do all of this because I hate the bullies, liars and cheaters who are running our country into the ground. I’ve always cared for the rights of all people regardless of age, gender, language, religion, race, culture or national origin.

But, when I receive emails that read: “I WANT to vote for you but I can’t!” I just want to hold my head in my hands and cry.

If you want to send me an email telling me that you can’t stand me, and that you will vote for anyone but me, no problem. But, if you believe in my platform and what I am fighting for, and want to tell me like George did, how much you’d like to vote for me but can’t.

Do me a huge favor. Don’t tell me. I really don’t want to know.

More than that, you will not be ingratiating yourself to me with your woe-be-me letter. You would just be pissing me off to the point where I will see you as a greater enemy than those who legitimately oppose us.

At least those who stand against what we stand for have the guts and courage of conviction to fight for what they want, and for what they believe in.

In the case of George, he will be voting AGAINST what he believes in. He is very much what is wrong with this country.

For everyone else who is stepping up to the plate without the likes of George, and in spite of the likes of George:

Never forget: Together – WE CAN WIN BACK CANADA!

Tell everyone you know, and tell people you don’t know. Tell people to tell people that this country is too good to allow the politicians to kill. Tell them to go out and vote for an INDEPENDENT VOICE that will speak for them and speak for Canada.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A good, good evening to you, Howard. I understand how you must feel, now that you’re here in the USA. I often feel as a non-patriot myself, but God is still on HIS throne, and I take comfort and have hope in that. I am not Jewish, but I have been ‘adopted’ into the family of God, and I have always cared deeply about all these horrible events taking place in the middle East. We must always pray for the ‘peace of Jerusalem’, and I do. Keep up the good words! Shanah Tovah, to you both!

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