Here Come The Prognostications

I will come in second to dead last, only ahead by a slight margin over the Green candidate in a five-candidate campaign

The clock is ticking to zero (October 14, 2008 Voting-Day) and the media is beginning their prognostications.

According to at least one writer at the Cornwall Standard Freeholder, I will come in second to dead last, only ahead by a slight margin over the Green candidate in a five-candidate race.

Here’s how Claude McIntosh sees the results:

He has it so the Conservative incumbent Guy Lauzon comes in with about 48% of the votes at 22,000 if about 46,000 people vote.

Sabourin, the Liberal will receive about 16,000 votes for a total of 33%.

Jalbert, the NDP candidate will get about 6,000 votes for a total of 13%

The Green candidate Rawnsley will get about 2,400 votes for a total of 5%

And I will squeeze-out JUST 4,000 votes which will put me at about 9%.

Now let me mention several important facts about Claude McIntosh’s predictions.

1 – He assumes the same number of people will be turning out to vote as turned out in the last election, while every serious political pundit thinks the turnout will be low since most people couldn’t give a damn about this election.

2 – He writes that I have “busloads of admirers in the Conservative bastion of North and South Dundas.”

This is in keeping with the French guy, Jules Bourdon, who wouldn’t invite me to the all candidate French debate, who on Thursday last, told a CBC TV French journalist that anyone who votes for me is a Red Neck.

So, from the tone of McIntosh’s reference to the people of North and South Dundas, he seems to agree with Bourdon. Funny that he doesn’t mention North and South Stormont and South Glengarry since they’re the same kind of people. My kind of people.

But, if I do indeed have “bus loads of admirers” as he wrote, where does he imagine their votes will go? Or, because they’re not in Cornwall proper do their votes not count?

3 – Claude McIntosh wrote: . . . “at Tuesday night’s candidates’ debate he put Muslim mosques and Muslim private schools in his cross-hairs.”

Not true on two points.

It was his own Freeholder panelist who brought up the Mosque and Islamic school issue during the debate. NOT ME.

In my published platform that is quite extensive, I wrote just one sentence near the end of it concerning Freedom of Religion, saying that we should know what is being taught in Moslem schools and what is being preached in Mosques.

For some reason, this has been the focus of the Standard Freeholder.

The second point that is not true, and goes directly to the reliability of the writer, Claude McIntosh, is the date he placed on the BIG DEBATE. It was Monday not Tuesday.

If McIntosh can’t get something as simple as the debate date right, how reliable can he be on forecasting complicated election results?

4 – Here’s one of his points I can agree on without hesitation: “There is no denying that there is a closet full of voters who agree with Galganov.”

In this case he is absolutely right. While I am writing this editorial at half past noon on Saturday, I am still receiving donations, a few of which have come from people living in Cornwall.

McIntosh might be right, and we very well might get clobbered at the polls. Who knows? If we knew, why would any of us bother getting out there to vote at all?

This is how I see it:

We are the only Candidacy that stands for something that gives people a reason to vote. I can’t even begin to remember all the people who either wrote or called to say thank you for giving them someone and something to vote for.

Yesterday, I received an email from a family of 5 voters. The writer ‘told’ me that if I were not running in this election, it would have been the first time in her life, since she had been of age to vote, that she would not have bothered to go to the polling station.

I believe this is true of many people. I believe there will be a much smaller turnout than normal. I also believe that Lauzon won his huge majority last time out not because people were so thrilled with his candidacy, nearly as much as they wanted to teach the Liberals a lesson for the Quebec AdScam.

Harper has plunged Canada into a $400 MILLION election for the singular purpose of winning a majority because his internal polls showed he could.

He bribed Quebec nationalists with TENS of BILLIONS dollars and made Quebec into a NATION, all at the expense of the rest of Canada for no other reason than to buy ethnocentric Quebecois nationalist votes.

The irony of all of this is that Harper will be lucky to hold onto what he had before the election, including what he had in the nation of Quebec.

I see a great many former Lauzon voters either staying away or casting their support for me. I will be happy to take the protest vote.

I see no reason why people in our Riding will want to vote for the Liberals, other than that’s what they’re conditioned to do. Some will vote Liberal because they don’t want to vote for Lauzon or me. But I see no outpouring for the Liberals.

I see Jalbert of the NDP getting votes from the something for nothing bunch, and from disaffected Liberals who aren’t all that impressed or inspired by Dion or Sabourin.

As for the Greens, they’ll get their angry Leftists who are convinced the sky is falling, and if we somehow stop living the way we do, it will all get better.

FOR US – There are a great many people in the Rural areas who will want to vote for me because they actually share most of my views concerning less government, less taxes, less bureaucracy, more accountability and an environment where individual Rights and Freedoms should actually mean something.

I also think they like the idea of having an Independent Voice speaking for them.

I see many votes coming from Conservatives who were not pleased with Harper, or with the nice guy do-nothing hand-shaking Guy Lauzon.

We might even get some Liberal votes. Not many I’m guessing.

The biggest surprise might come from Cornwall, where I was initially hoping to get just ANY number of votes. But now, after receiving many calls and emails of support, demands for our signs and financial contributions from people living in Cornwall, it seems as though we will get more than just a smattering of votes.

Obviously, there are people within Cornwall who care as much about this country and the way it should be managed as others and I do.

I might be as wrong in my way of thinking as McIntosh is in his. But I’d rather bet on the commonsense of the people within this riding, than the off-the-cuff predictions of a gossip writer.

We’re down to owing about $1000. A few more bucks and it’s in the bag.

Let’s not let up. We still have a lot of work to do to WIN BACK CANADA!


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Our contiuing thanks. May our God, the one Creator, the true Lover of all our souls, the beginning and end, all knowledgable, the Persistent wooer of our ignorant hearts, be gracious to you and may His mighty arm lift you when you are weary in the fight and may He, Himself, protect you and yours from the Enemy.
    Thank you and thank you for your uplifting words.

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