The End Comes On October 9

No politician would dare say what needs to be said, especially the politically correct ass-kissers who want to represent our Riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry.

As I wrote in yesterday’s editorial (October 7, 2008):

The other candidates couldn’t contain themselves at the Cornwall Chamber Of Commerce Media Debate (October 6, 2008) in condemning me in the most egregious of terms for my platform plank that asks for Moslem schools and Mosques to be open to inspection.

These holier-than-thou candidates who saw an opportunity to portray me as the ultimate hate-monger, took every ‘acceptable’ opportunity to say so during the debate.

But even at that, they were still too chicken-shit to come right out with it.

If I was as outraged as they pretended to be, I would have nailed me to the wall, and said I can’t stomach the idea of sitting at the same debating table with you. But that’s me.

In today’s National Post, Barbara Kay wrote a lengthy and poignant article concerning Jihad against the West. It is really a must read. I won’t quote any of it other than her last paragraph:

” . . . we’re in the midst of a federal election. National security should be an issue. But no politician will dare whisper the word Islamism. They know they’d be harried over a career cliff to professionally orchestrated shrieks of “Islamophobe!””

She’s right.

No politician would dare say what needs to be said, especially the politically correct ass-kissers who want to represent our Riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry.

This question of Mosques and Islamic schools shouldn’t even be an issue in this local campaign where we have to deal with massive unemployment, hard hit farmers and a crumbling infrastructure. But it is.

And now that it is, it has become an issue the other candidates have taken on the wrong side.

In their feeble condemnation of me, they have accepted the argument that we should NOT KNOW what is being taught in Mosques and Islamic schools.

In today’s Cornwall Standard Freeholder Newspaper (October 8, 2008), there are demands from at least one member of the Moslem community that I resign from the campaign.


It was also intimated that my remarks could be a reason for investigation by a Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Now isn’t that a shock?

But here’s the reality:

In every poll taken in the Riding, far more than 80% of the voters agree with my concern. In every letter to the editor, literally every letter supports my position.

So, for my opponents to paint me as some kind of racist for having this concern, it also paints more than 80% of the people whose votes they want to win the same way.

Talk about being on the wrong side of the debate. Being a political coward does not always have its advantages as my opponents are quickly finding out.

As I wrote yesterday, we are down to about $2,000 in debt. Election Canada’s Financial Office told me today that I can receive donations right up to the time the polls close (9:30pm).

If it’s by Paypal, it comes down to the time the donation was SENT. If it is via Canada Post, it is based upon the date stamped on the envelope. But after the polls close, that’s it. No donations can be accepted.

We will be shutting down our donation page early on election day.

Here’s my problem. The second the polls close, I cannot receive donations, and I cannot donate any more to my own campaign than I already have since I’ve maxed-out how much I can contribute ($2,100). So has my wife who has also maxed her limit at $1,100.

At the same time, I am not allowed to finish the campaign with an unpaid debt. I will however receive a cash allotment from Elections Canada with which to pay off outstanding debts if I receive 10% of the votes.

But I really don’t want it to come down to that.

I want nothing from the government. This has been the people’s campaign from the very start. And that’s the way I want to finish it.

So, if you haven’t contributed and want to have an investment in this campaign, the window of opportunity is closing.

Tomorrow night is the last debate. It is being held at the Chesterville Legion. Chesterville is in the heart of Farm-Country. The people who live in this region are no-nonsense types who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

These are my kind of people.

If I were any of the other candidates, I would not be looking forward to the storm they will be walking into. I want to hear them explain why we shouldn’t know what is being taught in religious Moslem schools.

I want them to explain why we should be taxed to death. Or why Harper violated three of his corner-stone promises. Or why Harper is spending more today than the Liberals did who preceded him.

I want to know why these candidates support anti-English policies that make it nearly impossible for English speakers to get a decent job or promotion in their own civil service, military or the RCMP.

I want to know why they think it’s OK to have French ONLY healthcare clinics, French ONLY school busses where English children are persona non grata as if their English language is a disease.

Or why they think English ONLY commercial signs should be against the law.

For them, this debate will indeed be the end of their campaign.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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