It’s Time For Them To Put Up Or Shut Up

That’s pretty ‘mad’! And if we win this election, it will only be the beginning.

It seems to me that more than a few, if not many within the French speaking community are more upset with me than just somewhat.

Quebec Separatists are really upset that I am on their side, in as much as I want them to leave Canada, probably more than they want to leave Canada.

Ontario French speakers are really upset that I am against French ONLY entitlements including:

French ONLY healthcare clinics, French ONLY community centers, French ONLY theme parks, and French ONLY school busses where English-speaking children are persona non grata, as if their English language is a communicable disease.

They also hate the idea that I want all funding cut off to Quebec and official bilingualism.

The granddaddy of all things they hate most about me, is my demand that Canada’s civil services, military and police forces including the RCMP stop discriminating against English speakers.

There are no voodoo demographics concerning Canada’s linguistic divide.

The numbers published in the very latest figures of Statistics Canada show that in all of Canada, excluding the ethnocentric ‘NATION’ of Quebec, is that MORE than 97% of Canada’s TOTAL population are not French speakers.

Even where numbers are pumped to show a higher percentage of French speakers in Ontario, the numbers still show that 96% of all Ontario residents are NOT French speakers.

When Canadians start to really understand how much this national lie is costing Canada in terms of job creation, lack of national funds for healthcare, education, infrastructure, domestic policies, international relations and to the core principles that define Canada, there will be BLOWBACK.

That’s why these Franco activists are so angry.

No one ever called them racists for discriminating against their fellow Ontarians. No one ever shone a bright light upon them with which to expose their dirty little secret. No one has ever put their feet to the fire. And no one has ever demanded that it stop.

Not until now that is.

There are groups that are ringing the warning bell, such as those within the CLF (Canadians For Language Fairness).

But, with this election and our court challenge against Russell’s FORCED bilingual sign law, our bell has become big enough that the chimes are heard across this great nation by people who are “As ‘mad’ as us, and they’re not going to take it anymore.”

And if you want to know how ‘mad’ they are: How about ‘mad’ enough to send my federally chartered non-profit corporation (Galganov Dot Com Inc) and my political campaign more than $100,000 between them?

That’s pretty ‘mad’ – And if we win this election, it will only be the beginning.

One of the first things I will do as your Independent Member of Parliament is set up a Class Action Law Suit against Canada’s civil service, military and RCMP for discriminating against Canada’s majority English speaking population.

The people who are at the very top of the Hate Galganov Band Wagon are the ones who are clever enough to understand that all of their French ONLY benefits which exclude English Canada, can ONLY be enjoyed by them if the majority English speaking population continues to pay for the benefits.

But, if we are all excluded from their community centers, healthcare clinics, school busses etc because we are English speaking; what reason would we have to continue footing THEIR bill?

If I win, this game will be over. If you were them, wouldn’t you be somewhat angry too?

The big debate of this campaign is scheduled for tonight, Monday October 6, 2008 at 7:00 o’clock at the Cornwall Civic Center on Water Street near the downtown core. It’s easy to find and easy to get to.

I am told that people will be coming to this debate from all parts of the riding, including cities as far off as Ottawa and Montreal. I’ll do my very best not to disappoint them.

Unlike the first series of debates where all the questions were known at least a week in advance, and sort of debated before small audiences, this one will be carried live on AM 1220 radio before a large audience.

The questions will not be known until they are asked. And every candidate will have an opportunity to answer and rebut every question.

For the other 5 candidates, they will have no place to run and no place to hide. They won’t be reading their answers from prepared scripts. And they won’t be able to make meaningless speeches.

I, on the other hand have been waiting for this opportunity from the very second the writ was dropped. Fighting for Canada, fighting for majority rights and fighting for a better future for the country has no need for scripts or platitudes.

All we need to Win Back Canada is passion for the country and the willingness to fight for everything we believe in.

We’re still about $3,000 short from running our entire campaign in the black. So, if you haven’t already provided financial support for this effort, please consider doing so before it’s too late, when we will no longer be able to receive or accept political donations.



Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It still amazes me that the left, and low information voters, still do not address the fact that Obama was raised Moslam from birth, and in my opinion still is. The LEFT is dislutional in the premise that Obama is one of them. He definitely hates America, as does his wife, and is doing his best to bring America to its knees. I feel the recent killings in a packing plant is a sign of things coming if our leaders keep their cowtowing ways. Keep up the good dialog.

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