A Perfect Example Of What Canada Is Up Against

If you’re not against French ONLY services, you’re for them.

My idea of fair play is simple: Everyone gets a chance to get in the game at the very same level. No special accommodations for anyone. No one is excluded.

There was an All Candidate Breakfast Debate arranged for this morning (Friday – October 3, 2008) at the Legion Hall on 2nd Street in Cornwall. It was actually an All Candidate Debate with just one exception. ME!

This Breakfast Debate was set-up by a Franco/Ontarian Group called Dejeuner Echange. The purpose of this meeting was to allow French speakers the opportunity to learn what each candidate was all about.

It should be made very clear that amongst all the candidates (six of us), I have the best track record in terms of French language debates. Maybe the ONLY track record.

As a matter of fact, the five other candidates combined couldn’t hold their own against me in a French language debate if their lives depended upon it, especially since three of them can hardly speak a word of French, and the two of them with French names need French language tutoring just to get by.

Had this Franco group asked me to participate, my answer would have been a resounding yes before the invitation would have been complete.

This shows me several things:

1 – These French language bigots are absolute chicken-shits, who amongst them don’t have the collective courage to face down just one guy willing to walk into their lion’s den on their own turf under their own rules.

2 – They have once again demonstrated their policies of exclusion. But why should any of us be surprised?

These are the same gang of linguistic bullies who call me a racist because I am against French ONLY healthcare clinics, segregated school busses where English children are unwelcome, French ONLY theme parks, French ONLY community centers, French mandated on commercial signs, and affirmative action that discriminates against English speakers who are refused jobs in their own civil service.

3 – It also speaks volumes about all the candidates who attended this meeting (debate), who didn’t leave the moment they learned I wasn’t invited.

Had this been an All English breakfast meeting (which would never happen in the first place), and I learned that Guy Lauzon wasn’t invited because his linguistic views are contrary to mine, I WOULD HAVE LEFT!

But that’s just me. I believe in fair play and facing those who accuse me.

What happened to me this morning in Cornwall goes to the very core of what’s happening to Canada every day. It has got to stop.

I am against any law or policy that would exclude anyone including French speakers. I would NEVER support an English ONLY healthcare clinic. I would NEVER support an English ONLY school bus where the language of French children would be considered toxic – etc.

And I would NEVER support any group or association that would turn away someone because they were French speaking.

If I would support any English ONLY policies I would truly be a racist. But I do not. But in terms of French ONLY policies which Franco/advocates fight tooth and nail to preserve and promote – they are the racists, and they’re too stupid to even know it.

At the second debate I looked at the group of candidates immediately to my left and said to them in the clearest of terms possible. “If you’re not against French ONLY services, you’re for them.”

They looked straight ahead as if the group of them were deaf, dumb and blind.

If we do nothing about this exclusionary insult to our society, then we will be as culpable to linguistic racism as the group of candidates I am competing against.

If French language bigots think there will be no blowback at some time in the future, when the 97% English speaking majority (excluding the Nation of Quebec) finally wake-up, they better think again.

I assume the other candidates will send out one more flier, and do whatever they can to catch the attention of their prospective voters. They will place some newspaper ads and air some radio spots too, but for them, it’s too late.

Their message is clear. They stand for nothing.

On the other hand, if we lose, it will be for any of these three reasons. 1) The message didn’t get through. 2) The message got through and the majority didn’t like it. 3) People just don’t pay attention.

I’m thinking that we have a good shot at this. But who knows?

We are now just $3,000 short of operating in the black. It would be great if we can finish this fabulous campaign the way we started it. Rolls Royce all the way.

If you haven’t contributed and would still like to – Now’s the time.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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