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Everything we’re doing is going full steam ahead. Who says we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?

FINALLY – A flier in the mail from the Conservative incumbent Guy Lauzon, but not much of a flier when compared to the mountain of fliers he has sent out when the taxpayers were footing the bill.

Lauzon has copied our Red, White and Blue signature colors. He has a prominent process color smiley-face photo of himself on the flier, just as he has on all of his lawn signs. And instead of a platform detailing what he stands for and what he stands against, he has a few lines of meaningless Party platitudes.

The size of the flier is one third of a full sheet of card stock, roughly 8 1/2” by 3 1/2”, which is pretty puny compared to what he generally sends out when we’re paying.

One side of the flier is in French. The other side is in English. Generally, when Lauzon sends out anything in the mail, the fold is done in such a way that it is always French side first, even though more than two thirds of the Riding is English speaking.

In today’s Cornwall Standard Freeholder, which is Cornwall’s daily newspaper, there was a letter to the editor from Gerry Flaherty, a former Montrealer who wrote:

“I am from Montreal originally and a few years ago this same man (he’s referring to me) wisely left Quebec, five minutes before the vast majority of French and English residents ran him out of town.”

From there it went downhill. His letter accuses me of being anti-French, but never qualifies this statement he presents as fact, opposed to his own personal conjecture.

His assertion that I was gong to be run out of town confuses me. By whom – Who was going to run me out of town?

After reading this ridiculous letter written by someone who is proud to identify himself as a FORMER Montrealer who now lives in Cornwall, I have ONLY one question:

If Quebec was so good, why did this Flaherty guy leave for Ontario?

Speaking of Ontario:

In Casselman, which is a community where many French speakers live along highway 417, about 30 minutes from downtown Ottawa, the Canadian and Ontario flags have been replaced with a MONSTER Franco-Ontarian flag right at the exit off the 417 . . . Excuse me?

MPP Jean-Marc Lalonde of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell wants to change the name of the Riding to Champlain to better reflect the history of the area, as if the History of the area was ONLY about its French residents.

For those of you who aren’t aware that Hate Charges were filed against me by Franco Activists with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Ontario Attorney General for standing up to the FORCED bilingual sign law in the Township of Russell; those charges were deemed by the Attorney General to be without merit.

CASE CLOSED. I am now waiting for a Human Rights Commission to take their best shot.

I watched some of the French language leadership debate last night. It was a joke. Here were 5 people debating gibberish, since there is nothing of value any one of them seems capable of bringing to the table.

The one thing that was extremely important about the debate that was not discussed was Canada. This debate was all about Quebec. What a surprise.

After yesterday’s editorial, where I wrote that we were down $6,000 to pay off all of our commitments, we are now down just $4,000. Thank you!

The moment we reach our financial goal, which should hopefully be by mid next week, we will shut down PayPal and return all donated checks that arrive after the fact. Otherwise, we will have to send any surplus donations to the Receiver General, and the way I see it, the Receiver General already has too much of our money as it is.

In the meantime, it would be great if we continued to raise funds to cover the $4,000 balance. The level of our Campaign donation funding is virtually unprecedented for an Independent Candidacy.

There is no poll that suggests where any of the candidates in our Riding are positioned in terms of percentage of votes. But, polls or no polls, the feedback we are receiving about our campaign is extremely positive and quite exciting.

Hopefully, our message to WIN BACK CANADA is a message that will resonate throughout the Riding, giving us the desired result of an Independent Seat in Parliament where all of our voices will be heard.

As a very special note of interest unrelated to the campaign:

Our lawyers will be visiting the Ottawa Courts tomorrow to set the date for our trial against the FORCED bilingual sign law of the Township of Russell.

Everything we’re doing is going full steam ahead. Who says we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time? Just imagine what we can achieve if I become an Independent Member of Parliament.

Let’s not slow down now.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


Many things are said and written about our campaign; most of it is true and accurate. But, from time to time people who want to help me win, get it wrong, and spread information that should not be disseminated.

Please understand that I manage my own campaign and speak exclusively on my own behalf. No one is empowered by me to speak or to write for me. If you read it here, it is as it is written and I am the only person who is responsible for what is conveyed.

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  1. Thanks for educating me. Shana Tova! Almost every week, the news persuades me that the world is worse off than the week before, Obama makes an announcement, I get angry and truly believe things cannot get any worse. But then, the following week, they certainly do. At that rate, we will experience a local catastrophe with a year, and there’s no way out and I certainly wish I am way off base.

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