Yes There Is A Real Debate Going On

The cost of not winning is unthinkable.

I’ve recently read various news stories published in the Montreal Gazette, which have been forwarded to me by supporters of Galganov Dot Com.

As I read them – my blood boils and my stomach churns.

Jean Charest’s Quebec Liberals are moving to hire MORE language police, which they euphemistically call language “councilors” to police the retail and business world of Quebec, to make certain the English language is not being used ILLEGALLY.

Charest’s Quebec Liberal government is demanding total control from the CRTC for the radio and television broadcast industry within Quebec. It isn’t French enough.

Meanwhile, in the rest of Canada, where the French speaking population numbers LESS THAN 3% of the total population, virtually all English speakers are denied access to civil service jobs their tax dollars pay for.

To add insult onto injury, the federal government, which already spends more than $10 BILLION dollars per year on Quebec and all things French, has just announced another French language initiative to bilingualize Canada to the tune of more than $1 BILLION dollars.

In the last debate, I made this statement and asked this question of my opponents:

I would NEVER support an English ONLY healthcare clinic. I would NEVER support a language law that disallows the use of the French language anywhere. I would NEVER support segregated English school busses where French kids are persona non grata.

So, how can anyone of you support the opposite, where there are French ONLY healthcare clinics, language laws that make the unrestricted use of the English language against the law, and French ONLY school busses where English speaking children are taboo, as if their language is an infectious disease?

Then I said:


The 4 Member of Parliament wannabes sat there like deaf and dumb idiots looking into the distance.

When I debate about the cost to our country of this language obscenity; that $10 BILLION dollars taken out of Ontario’s budget to prop up the racist nation of Quebec and the myth of national bilingualism I can wretch.

Not one of these moron opponents seem to understand how much healthcare, education and social services can be bought and paid for with $10 BILLION dollars that is currently being shoveled into an ethnocentric sewer.

The NDP candidate said at the last debate that she can’t speak French, even though she has a French name (Jalbert), but to her, it is IMPORTANT that all Canadians be bilingual, but not necessarily French and English.

What kind of an idiotic statement was that?

Why is it important for Canadians to speak any language other than English, when one considers that the country of Canada, excluding the French Nation of Quebec is more than 97% non French speaking?

The ONLY reason there is any discussion about Official Bilingualism, is because the federal government has created the condition that French is mandatory if you want a job in Canada’s civil service and other federal positions such as the military and RCMP to name but a few.

All of this is to buy ethnocentric Quebecois votes in Quebec. I have a better and cheaper solution to winning the Prime Minister’s Office in Canada without buying Quebec votes. Say goodbye to Quebec. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Ms Jalbert would do well to know that she can crawl on her hands and knees to get a job in Canada’s civil service, with no chance of success if she can’t speak French in our 97% English speaking country.

One of our local radio talk show hosts who I have a great deal of respect for, suggested in one of his comments that I should ease up on the French issue and deal with other things.

I deal with other issues all the time. But with all due respect to him, and I really mean with all due respect, our country is at great peril because of a cultural imbalance that will destroy Canada from the inside out.

As times get worse, which they will, and English speakers will not be able to get decent jobs in their own country, which they can’t, and their English tax dollars are going to pay for French institutions that segregate themselves from the people paying the bills, it will just be a matter of time until the blow-back will be felt from coast to coast.

I’ve received no shortage of emails and phone calls from people telling me heartbreaking stories of losing their jobs, only to be told by prospective employers that they can’t get new jobs because they can’t speak French.

One woman from Cornwall played by all the rules. She took courses in the healthcare field to become a home healthcare provider. She passed her courses, and then was told she couldn’t get a job with any of the government agencies because she couldn’t pass the French exam.

Are there no English sick people in Cornwall where 2/3rds of the population are English speakers, and about 100% of French speakers are bilingual who could use her help and expertise?

If anyone thinks this level of national discrimination, and cost of discrimination against Canada’s English speaking majority isn’t something we should all be screaming about. WHAT IS?

It will be a terrible tragedy if we don’t win this INDEPENDENT SEAT in Stormont, Dundas & South Glengarry. If we don’t win this seat, the loss to Canada will be enormous.

If you want to know how important this seat is to the national debate, Quebecois Separatist puke, Gilles Rheaume, along with Franco Imperative supporters are organizing a rally and press conference in mostly French speaking Eastern Ontario to discuss how to stop me.

This is not the country my dad fought and bled for during World War II.

Let’s keep on pulling out all the stops and continue to do whatever we can to WIN BACK CANADA!

If I lose – who will be in Ottawa fighting for Canada?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well put, Howard. Take heart. The comatose public is finally realizing that the enemy is among us all, and the next “9/11” will spur us to action, in spite of Mr. Obama.

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