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After the first debate (September 24, 2008), some people came up to me to say how well I did, and that I should try to look and sound less angry.

After the second debate the following evening, different people came up to me to tell me how well I did, and that I should try to smile.

Here is my take on how well I did.

I did much better than all of my opponents combined, but not because I was such a brilliant speaker, which I was not, but rather because they were so dreadful.

Of the five candidates whom I am opposing, not one of them could speak without reading from prepared scripts. This is in itself a disgrace.

The Conservative incumbent, Guy Lauzon, whom I’ve been told is a very nice man talks about this election being about Leadership. I responded by telling him and the audience that this election should be about Canada.

He finished his debate by saying how much he likes his job in Ottawa, and how much he wants to get his job back.

To me – it’s not a job. I have a job.

Representing the people of Canada should be a passion. It’s the noblest National Calling one can ever embark upon. It is the ultimate privilege to serve one’s country. It should never be seen as a job.

The candidates read from their prepared scripts about how the government should interact with all forms of issues.


Funny thing about their take on businesses, since not one of them owns a business, how can they pretend to know what a businessperson needs, or what a business owner has to go through just to survive?

I own several businesses. Like all business people, I’ve been through the grinder and have experienced not sleeping at night because receivables aren’t coming in, but the costs are going out nonetheless.

I know all about borrowing on credit cards just to make the payroll. I’ve been there. I’ve done that.

I know what it feels like when your business dream is shattered because of events beyond your control, and you’re sick at night thinking about telling your staff that they are going to be let go through no fault of their own.

I know how much it costs everyday for a small business to deal with the insanity imposed by the bureaucrats. None of these script readers could ever have a clue.


They talk about agriculture and farming as if they are farmers. But none of them are. So how could they possibly know what it feels like to work the fields praying for all the conditions to be right, so as not to lose a season’s work?

I am a farmer. I grow my own hay. I seed and fertilize my own fields. I harrow the fields, cut the hay, ted the hay, rake the hay, and then I bale the hay, all the while looking skywards, begging the hay-powers that be, to keep the sun shining and the rain away.

How can any of my opponents understand what it feels like to see a season’s work destroyed by one act of nature? How could they know what it feels like when the costs of diesel, seed, fertilizer, equipment and equipment repairs are going through the roof?

They can’t have a clue.


They all talk the big talk from their prepared scripts about the need to set up more bureaucracies and tax-based programs to increase the benefits given to people, many of whom who don’t want to work, or who feel that welfare and unemployment insurance are jobs.

But how many of them have been involved in programs from the very start, that today feed as many as 7,000 school children hot meals every day? Or who have helped shelter and feed hundreds of homeless people?

How many of them can say that they’ve been involved in the promotion, preparation, and delivery of thousands of food baskets to families during the holiday seasons, who would otherwise celebrate with very little to nothing on the table?

Can any one of them say that they’ve created a multi-million-dollar campaign with which to defend battered women, giving them a place to run and hide with their children when there was no shelter available?

I can. I’ve done all of that and more. And I’ve done it without a penny of government money, very often in spite of all levels of government.


My five opponents speak from their prepared scripts about the horrors of Global Warming or Climate Change, or whatever the flavor of the month is. They want more taxes to fight the impending disaster which not one of them is an expert on, and upon which all the so-called ‘experts’ can’t agree.

But they all know for certain that we better start taxing everyone with a Ponzi type scheme that will trade the rights of one polluter for another, as long as there’s taxpayers’ money involved.

Climate change, which includes warming and cooling is as old as this planet.

To the GREENIES, and those too politically correct to step up and say enough is enough, perhaps we should all stop driving. Stop heating our homes. Stop farming. Stop raising meat animals. Close down our factories and live off the land with hand implements.

Personally – I like driving. I like eating meat. I like heating my home. I like farming, and I really like the products that are made in many of our factories.

But I also like clean air, clean water and clean soil. One doesn’t have to be a GREEN FANATIC to be environmentally responsible.

There’s more about what they have to read from their prepared texts. But NOT ONE WORD is uttered from their prepared texts about fighting for Canada.

Sure I’m angry and I don’t smile. We should all be angry knowing that these five are indicative of many of the people who are running Canada. What’s there to smile about?

As far as my debating victories:


We are just $8,000 short from paying off this Rolls-Royce campaign. I thank everyone who has made a contribution, and hope to receive a bit more that will put us entirely in the black.

Either way, because of all of you who have been so generous, we are holding nothing back in this incredible campaign to WIN BACK CANADA!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. No boots on the ground; I think this is a wonderful ploy. By not accomplishing anything with previous arab incursions except having soldiers stepping on IED’s, Obama looks like he is doing something.
    Will Americans buy this phony veil,(again)?

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