Thank-You For Your Angry Calls And Emails

There is hardly a corner or a straightaway where a Guy Lauzon sign can’t be seen.

My Computer Inbox and Telephone Message Center are the bearers of ‘angry’ messages from our campaign supporters. THANK YOU!

In a single word, the reason for the anger is SIGNS. Our campaign supporters are really upset with me that we have so few lawn signs in comparison with Guy Lauzon the Conservative Party incumbent.

Lauzon has so many signs out there, that he has single handedly driven up the price of corrugated plastic. If Lauzon puts up any more signs, we won’t be able to see the grass.

No kidding, Guy Lauzon has signs upon signs everywhere you look in the Riding. I have to guess that he has thousands of signs, big ones and small ones alike.

There is hardly a corner or a straightaway where a Guy Lauzon sign can’t be seen.

Lauzon’s signs show his smiley-face with the Conservative Party brand and logo. That’s it. No mention of Canada, with the exception of a little Maple Leaf that is a part of the logo.

To be fair to Lauzon, none of the other Parties’ signs are any better, not that there are nearly as many of them as he has on display. But their signs, just like his, make no reference to Canada in word or graphics.

So for them – what’s this election all about?

When you see our signs, the Maple Leaf is a stand-out, and the message is simple: TOGETHER: LET’S WIN BACK CANADA! ‘cause that’s what this election is all about to me and to all of you who support this country.

To the other candidates and their Parties, it’s all about them. It’s all about them getting elected.

In our campaign, why we want to win office as an Independent Member of Parliament is absolutely clear. It’s all about Canada. It’s about reclaiming the Canada our parents gave to us, which these clowns are destroying.

To us – it’s about Fairness, Freedoms, Personal Responsibility, Less Government, Less Taxes, Less Bureaucracy, Not Being Embarrassed To Be An English Speaking Canadian, Land Owner Rights, Paying Down The National Debt, Saying Goodbye to Quebec, Ending Equalization Payments, Getting Rid Of Leftist Pork Like The CBC And The National Film Board, And Ending This Nonsense Called Official Bilingualism that Denies English Speakers Public Opportunities In Their Own Country.

AND THERE’S MORE! I’m against FORCED bilingual signs, segregated school busses where English-speaking children are persona non grata, and French ONLY healthcare clinics that refuse to treat sick English people.

Unfortunately for the other candidates, everything I’ve just written that I’m against, is what they stand for. Certainly the Liberals and the NDP.

But what about Harper’s Conservatives?

After three years in power, Harper’s Conservatives have marginally lowered taxes and are spending more than the Liberals they’ve replaced.

After spending a lifetime campaigning against SPECIAL STATUS for Quebec, Harper has declared through an Act-In-Parliament, that Quebecers are a NATION.

After fighting against government pork to buy votes, Harper has sold Canada down the St Lawrence River to buy Quebecois nationalist votes in the hope of winning a majority.

After railing against flexible election dates open to the whim of Prime Ministers, Harper passed a fixed election date law, which he himself broke when he saw an opportunity to win a majority if he went to the polls NOW!

After promising not to tax Income Trusts, this is one of the first things Harper nails in his tax package.

In essence: Harper LIED about fixed Election Dates. He LIED about not taxing Income Trusts. And he LIED about not buying Quebec votes with Ontario, Alberta and British Columbian Money.

He also lied about reducing the size of government, cutting back spending, and substantially paying off the National Debt.

So what else can the Conservatives put on their lawn signs other than a smiley-face of Lauzon with the Conservative Party brand and logo?

As for the Liberals and the NDP, what are they going to put on their signs: We’re socialist schmucks who have no idea what we want, other than to raise your taxes and get even more into your private affairs with the biggest bureaucracy money can buy?

We don’t need a lot of signs. WE’VE GOT THE MESSAGE AND THE PLATFORM. But, so as not to get yelled at by people who are demanding more WIN BACK CANADA signs, I’ve just ordered 200 more on top of the 300 that have already been placed.

It’s really encouraging when your supporters, people who you’ve never met are yelling at you to do more so we can all win. I accept and appreciate their anger with gratitude.

We’re just about at the breakeven point in terms of our fundraising. By tomorrow (Saturday, September 20), we should be in the black, which means I will have paid off the personal loans I made to our campaign, enabling us to do all the advertising I had hoped to do.


I want one more mailing to go out, which will cost about $10,000. We already have two massive mailings that will go out, one this coming week and one a week later. BUT ONE MORE CAN VERY WELL DO THE TRICK.

I know that many of you have been very generous on PayPal and in the mail. But, if you know anyone who can help out financially, or if you’ve been waiting to donate – NOW’S THE TIME!

Check-out the latest video at TUNE INTO GALGANOV TV found at the top of this page, and let me know what you think. There will be more to come. And please, click on the link just below my signature to learn how you can help.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Amen to everyting that you have written. I am disgusted when I hear any Canadian make disparaging remarks about the USA. Thank God that they are our neighbours. They are the most creative people on earth and I hope that they will get back their ‘mojo” quickly before it’s too late. It is so ironic that terrorists use American technology to do their dirty work.
    M. Gilligan
    Plantagenet, Ontario

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