It’s A Very Heavy Load

There is an enormous weight upon my 58-year-old shoulders.


How’s that for an opening line in an editorial that is meant to be inspiring?

Let me tell you why I’m tired. I was up late last night after a meeting with a group of campaign volunteers who want a victory for the good guys as much as I do. I just couldn’t sleep.

I receive tons of emails from people all across Canada who are praying for victory.

My phone line rings often with callers who want nothing more than to express their gratitude to me for running.

There is an enormous weight upon my 58-year-old shoulders.

At first, all the pressure came from me. It was me who pushed myself as hard as I could because I believed then, as I believe now, that Canada is worth fighting for.

A country where our FREEDOMS are negotiable, variable or dispensable is not a country I am proud to call my own. So I tried to do something about it.

I wrote articles on Galganov Dot Com. I bought newspaper ads, sent out fliers, put up billboards, and distributed 38,000 16-page campaign booklets with a four color process cover through Canada Post.

And I published a book called CANADA IS NOT A BILINGUAL COUNTRY.

I did this because no one else was. I did this because I am outraged by the way our politicians are destroying the wonderful country my parents gave to me.

I did this because I believe every person must be prepared to stand up and fight for what must be defended.

I can’t close my eyes to French ONLY healthcare clinics that turn away sick people because they’re English. I can’t ignore segregated school busses where English children are persona non grata ONLY because they’re English.

I can’t pretend there is no sickness in this country when virtually every decent civil service job is closed to English speakers, and if you want to earn a senior rank in Canada’s military, forget about it if you can’t pass a French Proficiency Exam many French speakers would themselves have trouble passing.

I’m in court against the Township of Russell (near Ottawa), where an idiot Mayor, and two of his idiot Councilors decided to FORCE English speakers to put French on their commercial signs, even if they don’t want to.

I’m up against one of Canada’s largest and most successful law firms (Heenan Blaikie), which has threatened to bury me in debt for having the audacity to stand up for our rights to Freedom of Expression.

This is a lot of weight upon my shoulders, more than I have had to carry for a very long time. The last time I was tested in this fashion, I was 12 years younger, and not as much on my own.

I live on a farm. I grow and bale hay. I cut and haul lumber. I keep our 5 miles of riding trails clear from fallen branches and trees. And 1400-pound horses don’t mess with me.

I am 58 years old. But I’ve got shoulders that will carry more weight than men half my age, and twice as far. But the weight is there nonetheless.

Let me tell you what is heaviest of all: Letting you down.

I lie awake at night thinking about what else I could do so we don’t lose. What else I can say to make a difference. Where else can I make a stand to defend all of our rights.


I am blown away by the outpouring of support coming from people right across this country. We don’t have enough money yet to cover the campaign expenses, but we’ve received more than I had hoped for.

It began to strike me how much of your hopes and prayers are riding upon my shoulders as the checks, PayPal deposits, emails, and letters started to pour in.

This is no longer just my fight alone to win or lose. It is now a fight that a great many people will lose if I do not prevail.

I hired a photographer to go to Ottawa with me today, to shoot some video footage of me standing before the Parliament Buildings explaining why I want to be there as your Independent Member of Parliament.

But I was so tired, that after a dozen takes or more, I simply asked the photographer to pack-up and let’s go home. That’s never happened to me before. And I won’t let it happen again.

I will fight this fight until there is nothing left in me, I will do whatever it will take to win all of us an Independent Voice in Ottawa. And I will carry this weight upon my shoulders until the journey is done.

I wrote this tonight because I’m tired. And because I want you to know just how seriously I take the obligation and responsibility for the support you’ve given to me. And I will do everything I can, not to let you down.

I’m going out to give the horses their last feeding, and turn them in for the night. I’ll soon go to bed and will hopefully have a good night’s sleep. And tomorrow, I’ll write about our march to victory, and what we will be doing to get there.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

And thank you for your support.

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  1. The notion of hyphenated peoples does not lie solely at the doorstep of those people. As I have told my own children; “don’t worry if you forget you are Jewish, there will be plenty of Gentiles to remind you”. And this holds true for most ethnicicities. I say celebrate your origins and ancestral base but let that not be your primary base. Embrace your country of residence first. But beware, as a Jew, many host countries have singled us out for victimization. Not unique to Jews but by far so.

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