Coming Soon To A Political Arena Near You

It has been a rocky start, but nonetheless, we are truly off and running.

Not Yet – BUT SOON.

I met with the Riding Returning Officer who came by my house to deliver papers that weren’t available at the time when I dropped by his office.

The Returning Officer for our Riding (Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry) is Gerald Samson. If all employees of the government were as competent and dedicated to task as he is, we wouldn’t need politicians.

I am very appreciative of his efforts.

The first piece of good news is that Ottawa has finally accepted the Notice of Election for the Riding, which means that I will be visiting Mr Samson at 10:30 Friday morning to hand in all of my papers, along with my $1,000 security deposit.

According to Gerald Samson, I should be certified as a registered Candidate by Saturday, allowing me to ask for and accept tax deductible donations.

The second piece of good news is that I spoke again with the Election’s Canada Finance Office and learned that I could lend myself as much money as I need, with the caveat that after the election, all the money I loaned to myself must be repaid by donations.

I don’t think I’m taking much of a chance in terms of not getting enough money donated to cover my costs.

But that’s up to you and everyone else who wants to see an Impendent voice sticking it to them on the Hill and across Canada.

The third piece of good news, is that the Finance Person I spoke to, said that donations that are CLEARLY made out as a campaign donation to me, are acceptable by the government, as long as they are acceptable by the bank, since the Campaign Account is in the name of my wife Anne, who is the Official Agent.

Even though the bank said they would accept all forms of political donations to that account, as long as they are obviously for my campaign, I still think it will be more prudent to make your checks out to:

Anne Galganov Official Agent For Howard Galganov.

Because I have now deposited money, I have purchased a whack of airtime on EVERY (3) Radio Station in the Riding, and recorded the spots this afternoon. They kick-off this Monday.

In my most humble opinion, they sound GREAT!

They tell it like it is.

I will have them uploaded to this web site as soon as my ‘IT Guy’ can figure out how to do it without cluttering what presently exists.

Speaking of what presently exists on Galganov Dot Com, you might want to have a look at the top of each page to see the new BUTTON that says:

Tune Into Galganov TV.

There’s already a spot for viewing, but, within a few days, there will be a varied selection of videos with me speaking about each issue that will be described under separate headings.

Each video will be no longer than a few minutes. With this, there will be no question about what I stand for, and what I stand against.

The moment the papers are accepted, and I’m a confirmed Candidate, there will be a special PayPal link set up for online donations.

It has been a rocky start, but nonetheless, we are truly off and running.

Did I mention that our campaign lawn signs will be ready on Friday? And that our newspaper ads are all done and also ready to go.

We’re looking REAL GOOD!

This is getting more and more exciting everyday, especially when I receive so many phone calls and emails from voters in my Riding, asking where they can send the check, and when can I have a lawn sign ready for them to put outside their homes.

We should all believe that this is really going to happen, and we will get an Independent Voice in Ottawa that will be heard beyond Party Lines, and far from the Old Boys’ Club on Parliament Hill.

This election might not be about anything for the Conservatives, other than getting a majority by selling-out Canada to Quebec for votes. Or to the Liberals and NDP who just want to keep the Seats they already have.

But to you and me, this election means a great deal. It means whether we have a voice, or whether the politicians will simply speak for us.

I will do whatever it will take within the confines of the law to win this election for all of us.



To find out more about this campaign and to learn how you can help, please click on the red link directly below my signature.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well spoken Howard. In regards to Marshall’s comment on FOX: It seems to only person who really speaks up is Gretta, another woman like Pam Geller who was the keynote speaker at the Boca Pledge Ride. Where are the patriots who will oppose tyrany of minorities? Revolution is gettinng close, If I were only 50 years younger.

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