It Just Isn’t Fair

Even though we will be starting 2 weeks behind the rest of the field, we will persevere and we will win. Anything less is unacceptable.

I was led to believe that once Harper dropped the writ, I could present the 100 plus names on my nomination forms and start campaigning like everyone else.

So, imagine my surprise, when I called the Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry Returning Officer to set up an appointment to hand in my forms, only to be told that I couldn’t for at least one week.

In all fairness to the Returning Officer, it’s not his fault. But, it is the fault of a system that was designed by big political Parties to keep people like me from ever joining their club.

Now that the writ has been dropped and the election has been called, Elections Canada now has to send each Riding Office a Notice of Election, which the Riding Returning Officer has to fill out and return to Ottawa.

Once that’s done, the Riding Returning Officer must wait for confirmation from Elections Canada. Then, and ONLY then can I hand in my nomination papers.

And then it will take at least 24 hours before the Riding Returning Officer can verify the validity of my 100 signatures.

Then I can run. How’s that for handicapping the underdog?

In the meantime, ALL the Parties are going full steam ahead campaigning with signs, posters, mailings and everything else you can think of with which to fight an election.

They too have to wait for their papers to be verified just like me, but the big difference is that they have MILLIONS of your tax dollars on hand with which to finance a campaign before they have to be registered.

Until I am registered as a candidate, which will take at least one week (and probably longer), I cannot ask for donations, and anyone who might send me money before I’m registered will not get a tax receipt.

In other words, the BIG BOYS get a week to a week and a half head start on my campaign.

Here’s another rub. Any check to my campaign that is made out to me as a campaign donation is illegal.

You read it right. The check must be specific or I am not allowed to cash it. The way all donation checks must be made out are:

To: ANNE GALGANOV THE OFFICIAL AGENT. Apparently there should be no mention of my name on the check.

I am hoping to fund this campaign with financial support from right across Canada. How many Canadians would ever know that they are not allowed to write a check in the name of the candidate?

I didn’t know. Did you?

In terms of financing the kick-off of our campaign, I will personally deposit the total amount I am allowed to donate to my own campaign, which is $2,100.

Anne will deposit the maximum, which all Canadian citizens who are of voting age are permitted to donate ($1,100).

My relatives and some of my friends have promised to do the same.

But, by the time that money is in the bank, my opponents will have as much as a two-week jump on me.


But I will not be deterred, nor will I be knocked off target. I FULLY INTEND TO WIN THIS ELECTION in spite of every roadblock they will place in front of us.

They’re sacred of me and they’re scared of you.

They’re scared that there is a groundswell of support for Canada the way it used to be.

They’re scared that the majority is finally starting to wake up.

And most of all, they’re scared that this can very well be the beginning of a social revolution the likes of which this country has never seen before.

A woman with a very old voice called me today. She received a call from Guy Lauzon, the Conservative incumbent who was looking for her vote, since she was a Conservative supporter in the last election.

She told Lauzon that she was very disappointed in Stephen Harper’s decision to declare Quebec to be a nation, and that she was upset that Harper chose to launch his campaign in Quebec City.

She also told him that she read my campaign booklet and was in agreement with my platform. At that, Lauzon said: “I guess you’re a racist then”; this to an elderly lady who didn’t want to be pushed around anymore.

Like I just wrote: They’re scared.

When the time is right, I will let you know when you can send your checks, and when you can pay through a PayPal Account I am now in the process of setting-up.

Not only will we WIN BACK CANADA TOGETHER. We’ll beat these guys at their own game.

REMEMBER: When the time is right – AND NOT BEFORE – make your donations (maximum $1,100) to:


Even though we will be starting 2 weeks behind the rest of the field, we will persevere and we will win. Anything less is unacceptable.


When the writers and editorialists say that this election is about nothing. THEY’RE WRONG! It’s about the future of Canada and the RIGHTS of the majority.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Mr. Campbell of Marksville, Louisiana is right. You are a great patriot and I tell all to read your column. You should be on the increasingly watered-down Fox News instead of the many hot air artists now occupying space on that once worthwhile network.
    Marshall Miller, Lilburn, Georgia 30047

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