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Harper opened the door to this election, and I intend to do everything I can to walk through it.

It seems to be unanimous amongst all the editorialists; there is no need or good reason for Stephen Harper to plunge Canada into an election other than for him to possibly win a majority government.


Is the election going to be fought on the economy, taxes, free trade, the cost of energy, social insurance, healthcare, the environment – etcetera?

Not really.

All of these things will be discussed during the campaign, but not one of them is a burning issue, including Stephane Dion’s ludicrous Kyoto style transfer of energy credits, that if ever implemented would cripple the Canadian economy while doing little to nothing to help the environment.


Our campaign has several biting issues NONE of the Parties or their candidates will want to touch, not even with a 10 foot pole.

We will vigorously debate the following:

1 – French language empowerment over the rights of Canada’s English speaking majority which numbers over 97% of Canada’s population excluding the ‘NATION’ of Quebec.

2 – Discrimination against most of Canada’s English speaking population from ever being hired for quality government jobs, promotions within the military, etcetera.

3 – French ONLY healthcare clinics in Ontario.

4 – FORCED bilingual signs in various Ontario communities that by law, forbid the use of English ONLY on commercial signs.

5 – Segregated school busses that refuse to give English-speaking children a ride to their school located just across the street from the French school in Alexandria Ontario.

6 – The Cost of Quebec and Official bilingualism.

7 – The attack on Freedom of Speech by the horrific Canadian Human Rights Commissions.

8 – Immigration policies that encourage immigrants not to assimilate to our Canadian culture.

9 – Disgraceful spending on programs that are of no value to the Canadian people.

10 – The bureaucracy, red tape and taxes that are suffocating small to medium sized business.

11 – The tax code that can best be described as a dog’s breakfast. What about a one page flat tax that everyone can understand and fill out in a matter of minutes, opposed to days or weeks without the cost of hiring tax consultants?

Harper might have reduced taxes marginally, and the GST. But he’s spending more money than the Liberals did when Martin was in office.

These 11 issues are very important, but I will focus mostly upon the TOP 8. These are the issues that are infuriating many people within Canada. And if they are not upset now, they will be when it becomes too late to do anything about them.

Because of the TOP 8 issues, Canada is becoming so divided that it will only be a matter of time before our country will cease to function as a real country.

Lucien Bouchard said during the time of the 1995 Quebec Referendum for Quebec to leave Canada – that “Canada is not a real country”.

HE WAS RIGHT! But it is not too late to make Canada into a real country.

None of the other candidates will touch any of these issues. BUT I WILL.

These critical issues will be the focus of our campaign to WIN BACK CANADA.

If I am successful in convincing voters in my Riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry that these are issues that merit their support, it is very likely they will vote for me as their INDEPENDENT Member of Parliament.

It is also very likely that my (our) campaign to WIN BACK CANADA will garner financial support from Canadians throughout this country, giving all of us the best opportunity to sell the message and win the seat in Parliament.

I will be meeting with the Returning Officer first thing on Monday to hand in my nomination papers and present him with my $1,000 security check. Within the week, I will be a registered candidate entitled to ask for and receive donations that are tax deductible to the donor.

But, as I wrote in my last editorial, DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY UNTIL I GIVE THE WORD!

It feels good to know that I am the ONLY candidate in this entire national campaign with issues that are fundamental to all of us.

Harper opened the door to this election with no good reason other than his selfish desire to win a majority government.

But now that he has, I intend to do everything I can to walk through it.

To read about what I stand for, and what I intend to fight for in its entirety, please click on the red link directly under my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Loved your editorial above! Can’t wait to read how we can un-hyphenate America in your next article! My Father, a Jewish-Italian immigrant from Southern Italy, taught his family to be proud of their roots, and yet plant them firmly in the new soil of America, to make our generation even prouder to be Americans. He would have loved to meet you. When I listen to you, sometimes I think he is speaking. Keep up the good work. God speed…..

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