A Threat Of Being Charged With A Hate Crime.

Will The Ontario Attorney General Charge Me With A Hate Crime?


Isn’t this a strange request coming from me who is always asking for financial support?

Any money that is sent to me now CANNOT be used for the political campaign. Please wait for the writ to be dropped and for me to be registered as an official candidate.


In a conversation I just had with Election’s Canada, even if the writ was to be dropped today, it would take about a week until the Returning Officer could authorize candidates.

This is not a disadvantage for me since we are still working at getting the mandatory 100 signatures.

Without giving any information to the other side, I will tell you that we are very well prepared in terms of advertising to get the message out to the entire Riding.

Once the writ is dropped and our campaign is authorized we will hit the campaign running.

Will The Ontario Attorney General Charge Me With A Hate Crime?

I received an interesting phone call from an English reporter in Ottawa who asked how I intend to respond to a story in the French Ottawa Daily, Le Droit, that says the Attorney General of Ontario is considering laying hate charges against me for a flier I sent out via Canada Post to every household in the Township of Russell Ontario.

The colorful graphics on the front of the 8 ½ by 5 ½ cardstock Flier said:

BOYCOTT French Owned Stores. What Choice Do We Have?

The back of the Flier said:

A BOYCOTT Of French Owned Businesses Will Be A Tragedy For All Concerned.

No one ever suggested that Franco (Ontarians) Canadians have no RIGHTS, or limited RIGHTS to personally live in their own language.

English speakers throughout Ontario and the Rest of Canada finance Quebec and Canada’s French speaking minority. Where’s the thank you?

Why is it that French speakers in the Township of Russell and adjoining communities feel compelled to FORCE English speakers to accommodate their language on commercial signs?


Don’t French speakers realize that a FORCED bilingual sign law strips them of their Freedoms too?

If the Russell French Speaking community continues to insist upon imposing their language upon their English neighbors it could very well come to an organized BOYCOTT of all French owned businesses.


Whether you’re French or English speaking make your voice heard before it’s too late.

This ad is paid for by Galganov Dot Com Inc with private funds donated from concerned Canadians.

If you want your voice heard and want to support everyone’s FREEDOM of Choice you can contribute to Galganov Dot Com Inc, PO Box 17, Williamstown Ontario, K0C 2J0. Or go online to Galganov.com and contribute through PayPal.


If this is a hate crime in the eyes of those people who want me charged?


As I told the English speaking Ottawa reporter:

“I would welcome them to charge me with a hate crime, so we can debate this nonsense in the bright light of day, rather than in the shadows of darkness as is the stock in trade of those who oppose our RIGHTS to Free Speech and majority rule.”

As the election creeps closer I will keep everyone in touch with what is happening.

In the meantime keep spreading the word.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you so much for your editorials with so much positive attitude and real truth.. I know you and Ann will really enjoy Texas. We Left Montreal in June 77 for Kerrville, with our three daughters 8,10 and 12 Yrs old and we love it here. Friends and Family back home ask what Texas is like and I reply . . . Texas is like a good home smoked BBQ.. It taste good and it sticks to your ribs. They treat you like family, and they call you by name.. Thanks for all your input over the years .

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