The Fliers Went Out – The Answer Is In

This is just the beginning.

In the last week, I’ve sent out 38,000 booklets via Canada Post titled Together: LET’S WIN BACK CANADA, to literally every home in the riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry.

This riding covers an enormous territory from the Quebec border, all the way along the 401 West to Iroquois, to just about the outskirts of Ottawa in the South.

The booklet is a 16-page platform with a separate high quality 4-color cover that begs attention from the recipient. At least that’s the effect I had hoped for, not really knowing how this booklet would be received.

There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of a mass mailing:

1 – How many of the mailings are in the garbage at the Post Office?

2 – How many people show their support by sending an email or making a call?

3 – How many people call or email to express their disdain?

The answer to the preceding was stunning?

1 – There were literally no campaign booklets in the garbage at any of the Post Offices that I am aware of.

2 – I can’t keep up with the phone calls and emails I’ve received that have offered all manner of support from all parts of this huge geographical riding.

Generally speaking, the common thread to all of the communication I received was: “I thought I was the ONLY one who thought the way you do, and finally, someone is speaking up.”

Just about every email and phone call ended with a very heartfelt THANK YOU!

3 – I received some nasty phone calls and emails from French speakers who had neither the class nor the cojones to identify themselves.

But there were so few negative calls and emails that they didn’t matter at all. And if there were many, they wouldn’t have mattered either.

As I have repeatedly told the French Press which I refuse to give interviews to in either language, this isn’t about them or the French speaking Community. This is about the English speaking community.

Why is it that you are a great Canadian if you defend French Rights that are not an issue, since no one that I am a ware of is attacking those rights?

But, if you stand up for the rights of Canada’s English speaking majority, you are less of a Canadian, a bigot and a racist?

In a conversation I had over the phone with a sicko-woman who received the booklet, who begged me not to run because it would just be so wrong due to my attitude, I asked her if it would be wrong if I promoted the concept of English ONLY healthcare clinics where French speakers were unwelcome?

Or if I endorsed English ONLY school busses to keep those French kids away from our little English speakers?

Or if I fought for sign laws that would make the French language illegal?

Or if I did whatever I could to close all of the better public service jobs in Canada to French speakers?

To this very sad example of a person, these questions were simply ridiculous.

But to you and me, they are anything but ridiculous. They are a reality and a sickness we are living with EVERYDAY throughout Canada, and particularly in Eastern Ontario.

I cannot even begin to recount the hundreds of emails and letters I’ve received over the past few months that describe incidents of discrimination where English speakers have been denied jobs, promotions, services etc.

I’m not writing about ethnocentric Quebec where open discrimination against English speakers is a government policy. I’m describing Ontario where 96% of the population are English speakers.

You’d expect an outcry from the English speaking majority of Ontario. But no, the silence of the English majority is deafening.


If I have enough support amongst people who value fair-play, who will help me finance my campaign, there will be an unconditional voice in Parliament that will be heard across this country of ours.

If I have the support of the people in this huge riding willing to knock on the doors of their friends and neighbors, make phone calls, distribute fliers and put my campaign signs on their lawns. I will indeed have a chance to win and become the voice for all Canadians who have simply had enough of this nonsense.

If you’d like to see our very first campaign attempt on You Tube, go to, enter Galganov in the search box beside where it says videos, and then click on the image just under Vote For Galganov.

This is just the beginning. I assure all of you there will be more and better campaign videos with me on-camera. And that I will not stop swinging until we either win or I go down.

In the meantime, spread the word. Help me raise funds. And think about whatever it is that you can do to help me get to Parliament Hill where I will be your voice.

To read what I stand for and how you can help, just click on the red link directly below my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Your right about all of that, nevertheless all ethnic groups have segregated themselves Jews, Italians, Greeks and on and on. Being originally from Chomedey and going to Laval Catholic, this is the way it was and the way it’ll always be. Particularly in the metropolitan Montreal area. Trudeau may have made it public policy but everyone participated.

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