It Doesn’t Always Have To Be About Quebec

Canada has done whatever it possibly could to help Quebec position itself to the point where it is now A NATION WITHIN A NATION.

Not that the average Canadian has noticed, since the average Canadian seems to notice very little, but there is something monumental happening in Canada that will dramatically change the country.

When one writes about major things happening within Canada, politically astute observers immediately wonder: What is Quebec up to now? And they’re very rarely wrong.

Nine provinces and three territories virtually never make national news or waves, since what they do within their own jurisdictions almost never affects each other.

BUT QUEBEC – That’s a totally different story.

Just as no one knows, or much cares about what’s happening in the rest of Canada, it seems that Quebec can’t go to the bathroom without spreading the stink throughout the country. And if the rest of Canada had any understanding of the newest stink coming from Quebec, it would be gagging.

Quebec’s newest need, is to open its borders to professionals from France in an unrestricted labor exchange. In other words, the only necessity for someone to come to Quebec from France for employment would be authorization from Quebec’s Minister of Immigration.

What will probably follow this policy will next include all professionals from any part of the Francophonie. If it’s good for France, why not for Algeria?

Who needs Canada when a province like Quebec can open its doors to immigration based upon what Quebec needs opposed to what Canada needs?

The way I understand it, these professional French immigrants will be able to come and work exclusively in Quebec. They can visit the rest of Canada, but they won’t be able to work in the rest of Canada. How Canadian of us?

The other Quebec package that is in the works is French citizenship, as in becoming full-fledged passport-carrying with the right to vote citizens of France, as long as Canada’s French speakers can prove a historical attachment to France that can go back a few hundred years to the founding of New France (Quebec).

Imagine this: Six million French Canadians who are now also French citizens with dual citizenship who can vote in both countries. Now how good is that for Canada?

But, if French Canadians (Quebecois) can become full fledged citizens of France, what would stop citizens of France or any other French speaking country from becoming citizens of Quebec?

Canada has done whatever it possibly could to help Quebec position itself to the point where it is a NATION within a nation.

The part that bothers me the most about all of this is the pretense that Quebec is somehow a participating and contributing part of Canada, when in fact and practice, Quebec has been the absolute opposite and consummate enemy of Canada, while English Canada paid and continues to pay all the bills.

Lawrence Cannon, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Transport Minister and Quebec Lieutenant, has made it very clear, that Quebec’s role in Canada is as a semi sovereign nation where they are no longer Federalists or Sovereignists.

According to Cannon, Quebecers are Nationalists and Autonomists.

But that’s OK, because in Cannon’s mind, all Canadians should be allowed to pursue their own agendas wherever that pursuit should take them. In other words: What Quebec gets, every other province should get too.

The sickest part of all of this is how it came to be:

In his rush to win French Quebec votes, Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave all Quebecois the status of being a NATION. When asked what this meant, Harper said that it only meant that the people of Quebec are recognized as a Nation within Canada, nothing more.

The moment Harper declared the Quebecois people to be a nation, he put in forward gear a motion that can never be put into reverse. He gave French Quebec autonomy from Canada to be paid for in perpetuity by English Canada at the national expense of all of Canadians.

The moment the rest of Canada begins to whiff the stink coming from the Nation of Quebec, and finally begins to understand how screwed Canada is, was, and has always been at the hands of politicians willing to sell out Canada to win French votes in Quebec, it is quite unlikely this country will be held together as long as Quebec is part of it.

Trudeau started this mess. Mulroney gave the Quebecois the impetus to push as hard as they could. And Harper gave them the means with which to tear the fabric of Canada apart.

The question we have to ask ourselves is this: Is Canada worth keeping together without the NATION of Quebec?

If the answer is yes, then let’s help Quebec become a true nation independent of Canada at the speed of light.

When Stephen Harper finally calls a general election, most probably in the coming months, you will have a chance to help make this happen by supporting me as an Independent Candidate in the Ontario Riding of Stormont, Dundas & South Glengarry.

Your support for my candidacy might be the only chance you will have to help get your voice in Parliament and beyond, and end this sickness that is tearing our country apart.

To learn what you can do to help make a difference and what I stand for, please click on the red link just beneath my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are correct and shown in the groups / tribes that did not come to the USA for the freedom,etc. These are the blacks, the Portaricans and the illegal emigrants. In each instance, the members ol that group want to take advantage of the fruits of the Judao Christian PHILOSOPHY all but as some sort of “human right”. Now we have new group / tribe coming to the USA for the outward appearance of getting away from the hate, no property rights, beheadings, etc. then want to impose their law here.

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