The Reinvention Of Canada’s French Speakers

What won’t Harper and others do or say to win votes in Separatist Quebec?

When I was growing up in Greater Montreal in the 1960’s, the province of Quebec was undergoing a cataclysmic renewal.

In those days, it was called the ‘Quiet Revolution’, because Quebec saw itself in the midst of a peaceful, yet total social revolt, where everything French Quebecers held dear was being turned upside down.

Until the 1960’s, Quebec never had a Minister of education, since all French education was controlled almost exclusively through the powerful French Catholic Church.

Until the 1960’s, Quebec never had a woman Minister in government because Quebec was a patriarchal society.

Until the 1960’s, there were no French business schools in Quebec, since French Quebecers were taught to avoid business.

Much of Quebec changed in the 1960’s, but it wasn’t quite the romantic epoch they termed the ‘Quiet Revolution’. It was far more a race for French Quebec to catch up to the rest of North America.

Prior to the 1960’s, much of French Quebec was broken, ignorant and a backward place on a continent of educated English speaking entrepreneurs who were taking the world by storm.

All of that said, what Quebec was able to do from 1960 to 1967 and Expo 67 was incredible. Quebec did indeed turn itself around, but they didn’t do it alone. And they didn’t do it in French.

Without the enormous wealth and influence of Montreal’s English speaking and ethnic communities, Quebec would still be a backwater. But none of that is told in the folklore of the ‘Quiet Revolution’.

Instead, we are told about the enormous efforts of Quebec’s French speakers in spite of EVERYTHING the English did to “keep them in their place”.

In the Quebec saga, as it is told by Quebec’s officialdom, French Quebecers caused none of Quebec’s problems. EVERYTHING that was bad about French Quebec was the fault of the “Maudit Anglais” (damned English) and the government they controlled in Ottawa.

Quebec invented slogans with which to encourage and spur-on French Quebec nationalism. “Maitre Chez Nous” (masters in our own house) and “Quebec Sait Faire” (Quebec knows how).

It later evolved into nationalistic and exclusionary slogans such as:

“Quebecois de Veille Souche” (old stock Quebecers), “Pure Laine Quebecois” (pure wool as in pure bred), and “Quebec aux Quebecois” (Quebec for ‘French’ Quebecers).

During the time of the 1995 Quebec referendum to separate Quebec from Canada, Premier Parizeau pointed a finger on live television blaming French Quebec’s referendum loss on Ethnics and money, specifically singling out one region in Montreal that was predominantly Jewish. How welcome do you think this made Montreal’s large Jewish community feel?

He continued-on to say: “next time we will get our revenge”.

Lucien Bouchard, who replaced Parizeau as Quebec’s Premier, told a CEGEP (Quebec college) gathering that ONLY French Quebecers were a “pure race”, while the rest of Canada were a “diluted people”. But he’s no racist right?

Bernard Landry, who became Premier of Quebec immediately following Bouchard, tore a strip off a young female hotel clerk at the Montreal Intercontinental Hotel ONLY because she was Mexican. He later apologized. How does an apology explain such a sick mindset?

The leader of the Separatist Bloc Quebecois in Ottawa, Michel Gauthier, went to the Canadian Jewish Congress demanding that they condemn me for my anti-Separatist political views because I’m Jewish. How sick is that?

As time evolved, the Separatists no longer wanted to be called Separatists. They preferred the moniker of Sovereignists. I guess Sovereignist sounds more sophisticated and less extreme than who and what they really are.

Quebec has also traded the description of Distinct Society for several other definitions, finally coming to accept the word NATION that Canada’s current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, was only too happy to officially bestow upon them through an Act of Parliament.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper is celebrating the Quebec NATION in a speech he just delivered to an all-French audience in Quebec, where he is quoted by the National Post ( August 1, 2008 page A12) as saying:

“The true nationalists love Quebec without wanting to break-up the Canadian federation.” He further went on to say: “The true nationalists don’t want to destroy, they want to build”.

Who’s Harper kidding?

Does he really believe that hundreds of years of Quebec nationalism, two referendums to leave Canada, and language laws that make the unrestricted use of the English language ILLEGAL, are endearments to building Canada?

What won’t Harper and others do or say to win votes in Separatist Quebec, where all of a sudden a Quebec nationalist is somehow a great Canadian?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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