The Irrelevance Of The French Press

Let the French Press understand that I don’t give a damn what they think.

I’m being buried with emails from supporters who are aghast at the treatment I am receiving at the hands of the French Press.


Let the French Press understand that I don’t give a damn what they think, what they write, what they say, and how they portray me.

I warned them years ago, that the very worst thing that could happen to French Canada will be the day when people like me stop caring what French Canada wants or thinks.


I won’t give interviews to the French Press in either language. Why should I, since they only take what I say and twist it to fit their own pro-French agenda? Or worse, they take snippets of what I say and use it to justify outright lies they report as God Given Fact and Truth.

A few weeks ago, a woman from CBC French called for an interview, which I turned down. She was surprised and critical of this policy of mine, and gave me the impression that she thought I was being somewhat of a bigot.

I asked her if she was aware of any laws that have recently been passed that makes it a crime for me or other English speakers not to give interviews to the French Press? Or if my Freedoms of Expression and Association were still intact?

I then asked her if she thought that my refusal to give her an interview was somehow sad for the French community, in as much as what they thought meant little to nothing to me?

She said no. But I’ve got news for her:


When enough English speaking Canadians decide to make what the French think and say irrelevant, that will be the very beginning of the end for their influence within English Canada.

When the politicians finally figure out that the wealth of votes in Canada comes from the English majority, the French speakers and their media will be abandoned by them, just like the politicians abandoned their Anglo vote for French votes when the Anglos remained silent.

The real losers of a French Press that can too often be described as liars, and more often than not irresponsible and unreliable, are the French speakers within Quebec and the rest of Canada who depend almost exclusively upon their French media to be informed.

From reading the crap the French Press writes and says about me, it is easy for their audience to see me as a racist, bigot, xenophobe, Francophobe and worse.

But all the lying and distortions of the French Press changes nothing about the reality.

I am proud of my achievements as a social advocate in what I’ve managed to accomplish for people of all walks of life. I have NEVER walked away from anyone in need regardless of what language they spoke or other cultural differences.

I’m proud of my contributions to every facet of our society. I have always been blind to differences in people, including languages. And I will put my record up against any of their media records anytime one of these liars would like to go one on one with me, or all at the same time.

Not only is my conscience clean – So is my personal history.

I don’t lie. I don’t bend the truth. I don’t create the truth as I see it. I don’t discriminate with the exception of boycotting the French Press. And I don’t support policies or the people who make policies that pick and choose Constitutional rights for some at the expense of others.

All of which is Stock and Trade of the French Media.

They can throw everything they want at me. I DON’T CARE! That’s how irrelevant they’ve become to this fight. This isn’t about them. IT IS FINALLY ABOUT US.

I’m not looking to win a French Media popularity contest. I don’t care in the least what they think of me, or what they have to say or write about me. And when this reality starts to sink into their hard media heads, they’ll begin to understand just how much trouble they’re in.

I feel badly for the unilingual French speakers who will only know the truth they’re told by their media, opposed to the real truth. And when it hits the fan, as it will, they will be wondering what happened and how come no one told them.

Galganov Dot Com has many French supporters who aren’t prisoners of their own language. One of them is Yan Provencher, who has been communicating with me for a number of years.

When Yan first started writing to me in English, it was an exceptional challenge for him since his ability to write in English was barely passable, today, Yan writes English with a flair.

Here’s part of a letter Yan sent to me today:

“Howard – In one word: félicitations!”

“We recognize here the real Howard and we hope that lots of people will hear that story because the more we hear of it, the more French people will realize that bilingualism in Ontario will end up killing French since to oblige and force bilingualism in Ontario will forbid French from advertising in French only…”

Why don’t French people get that Ken Hill and all the bilingualism lobby is laughing at French people knowing that they are militating for something that will end up screwing them.”

“Best regards and best of all courage and luck.”


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You have been correct all along about this man, but some people need to be reminded, (not me). I saw right through him at the Chicago convention and my opinion of him has not changed, one bit! In fact, it keeps getting worse! Keep these editorials coming! I can proudly say I did not vote for him in either election!

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