Thugs In Suits With Fancy Titles

In their way, Ken Hill and Ron Caza are acting no different than street thugs in nice suits with fancy titles.

The responses I’ve received concerning my last editorial (July 27, 2008) have been fascinating.

Most of the people hoped I would continue my fight for our Freedom of Expression, but understood why I would have to walk away in view of the financial threats made against me by the Township of Russell and their Heenan and Blaikie legal team headed by Ron Caza.

A few people suggested that I should just walk away, since in their minds, the fight was already lost, and I had already done enough.

Not one of the writers hinted that they would be upset with me, or disillusioned if I decided to quit the case. They would prefer that I continue, but would clearly understand if I decided not to.

What was most interesting, were the people who sent checks via PayPal to support my decision EITHER WAY. That struck me as something to think about.

The tactics used by Ken Hill, mayor of the Township of Russell and his lead lawyer Ron Caza, in their attempt to intimidate me would make a Third World Dictator blush with pride.

Instead of fighting their case upon the merits of their argument, they chose instead to do their best to frighten me to the point that I would withdraw.

In their way, what they are attempting to do, is as much, and maybe even more of a violation of my Charter Rights, than is the FORCED bilingual sign law I am contesting.

By trying to scare me from proceeding, they are in fact trying to scare me from exercising my rights to be seen and heard in a court of law. They are attempting to frighten me away from my right to Freedom of Speech.

Canadian soldiers are fighting and spilling their blood against savages whose stock-in-trade is to intimidate people from exercising their Freedom of Expression.

We call thugs, the likes of which our soldiers are fighting: Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Fundamentalist Islam, Communist China, Cuba – etcetera. But we don’t call them Canadian – Not until now at least.

In their way, Ken Hill and Ron Caza are acting no different than street thugs in nice suits with fancy titles.


My instructions to both of our lawyers, within seconds of reading and understanding the 11 page letter from Caza was as follows:

Whatever it takes – BEAT THEM!

I will not be intimidated by threats of any kind. When Quebec Separatists threatened to do harm to me and mine, even to the point where they promised to kill me, I didn’t back down.


But I will use Caza’s letter in court to show the Judge the mindset that has permeated our Canadian culture in the name of promoting French Rights above and beyond all else.

As far as Caza’s feeble attempt to draw some comparison between the judgment against Canadians for Language Fairness (CLF) versus the City of Ottawa, he made our case for us.

In the Judge’s opinion, CLF had no standing and presented a case where there was none, since no person working for the City, or who wanted to work for the city was unfairly treated due to Ottawa’s bilingual hiring policy.

Furthermore, there is no statute that I am aware of that forbids any government body within Canada from establishing a public bilingual policy.

The judge ruled that CLF failed to have a genuine interest in the policies of the City of Ottawa, since they could prove no harm to themselves or anyone else, and as such, could be described as being a “mere busybody or an interloper.”

In our case, the action I am taking has serious implications for all people, in as much as a public body (the government) has taken it upon themselves to force me and all others in the PRIVATE sector to communicate in a fashion that is contrary to our wishes.

In terms of standing: I have a consulting company registered in the Township of Russell, located at a Russell address, and I am a member of the Russell Chamber of Commerce which in itself did what it could to publicly oppose the FORCED bilingual sign law.

By the sheer virtue of the personal attack, and attempt to intimidate me by Ken Hill and his lawyer Ron Caza, I have to feel that they are anything but confident in their case.

Caza has decided to go to a full trial with expert witnesses and all.

He intends to fight on the premise that Section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows for the suspension of Section 2b, in the guise that the fragility of the French language requires that we sacrifice our RIGHT to Free Speech.

This is an argument that has been used very successfully in the NATION of Quebec. But we are now fighting in the NATION of Canada.

I’m confident, that with all of Caza’s bluster and posturing, Freedom of Expression will trump his demand to subvert Section 2b of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The financial consequences of this fight can very well land on my shoulders if we lose. But if we win, all Canadians will enjoy the victory. I am prepared to take that risk for my right to Freedom of Expression.

I ask all Canadians who care about their Right to FREE SPEECH to get involved.

Send letters to your newspaper editors across the country. Email everyone you know to inform them of what is happening. And do what you can to help out financially.

Ron Caza and Ken Hill are marshalling the treasures of the taxpayers to do whatever they can to defeat your Freedom of Expression, in no less a manner than thugs would to shake-down their victims in a darkened alley.

To read how you can help and support this and other important Canadian issues, please click on the red link just under my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, as a native of Texas, I extend a sincere welcome to you and your wife to my beloved home state, though I live elsewhere. You appear cut from the same mold as William B. Travis, Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett and the other 253 Texas patriots who died at the Alamo. Ploease advise where in Texas you are or will be settling.

    Thanks and God’s blessings.

    Max Campbell, Marksville, Louisiana

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