The Difference Between Them And Us

It all comes down to US versus THEM.

Now that the legal papers have been filed, published and served in defense of Freedom of Expression under Section 2b of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, against the FORCED bilingual sign bylaw of Russell Township, all the usual suspects are beginning to make themselves seen and heard.

The OFFICIAL name of OUR legal challenge is Howard Galganov Versus The Corporation Of The Township Of Russell. In short: Galganov Vs Russell.

In reality – This challenge is about the Rights we are all supposedly guaranteed by way of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms VERSUS the Demagogues.

It all comes down to US versus THEM.

The usual suspects comprise every group and association, including various government and quasi government agencies, all of which are rushing to defend the integrity of the French language against US, the supposed ‘monsters’ daring to do it damage.

The first things coming out of their collective mouths are: Galganov doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. The bilingual sign bylaw is in keeping with Charter jurisprudence. The French language is fragile and MUST be protected. And the list goes on.

THEY seem to be a very confident lot, since this is the very first time this type of litigation has ever been fought outside of Quebec, where the Supreme Court of Canada, and all levels of government have conceded that Quebec is a distinct society (Nation), and as such, is above the rules and laws that govern the rest of the country.

There is a world of difference between THEM and US.

US – are the good guys who want nothing more and nothing less than Freedom of Expression, as is guaranteed under section 2b of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

THEM – are those who couldn’t care in the least for individual Freedoms and Rights, as long as they receive special treatment regardless who pays the bill as long as it isn’t THEM.

Let’s look at the differences between THEM and US:

I am not aware of even one instance where the other side fought for any of THEIR rights out of THEIR own pockets. Every time THEY challenge the Rights of the English majority (or minority within Quebec), it is ALWAYS the taxpayers who are left to pay THEIR bill.

I contend with complete confidence, that if the French side (THEY) ever had to fight for any of THEIR perceived rights to hold a privileged position over all others from THEIR own private pockets, there would never be a serious French language challenge to anything.

I also contend with equal confidence, that if the French side (THEM) would ever have to have an honest debate without lies, distortions and innuendos, THEY’D have nothing with which to debate.

Moreover – without English money, paid through the taxes collected from English speaking Canadians from all parts of Canada, there would not be enough money to support even a blush of French language services currently enjoyed by French communities everywhere within Canada, including the ethnocentric NATION of Quebec.

That’s who THEM is.

On the other hand, WE, have fought virtually every battle with blood sweat and tears with OUR own money against politically correct Liberal appointed courts, and politicians at all levels who will sell-out their own mothers if it would mean winning votes.

WE raise our own money within our own communities so we can stand-up and be counted.


What demands have WE ever made upon THEM for support of any kind?

Have WE ever asked THEM to pay for our way in Canada?

Do WE make THEIR language illegal?

Do WE refuse them healthcare because THEY are not US?

Do WE keep THEIR children off OUR school busses because THEIR children speak a different language than OUR children?

Do WE create institutions within ghettos that separate OURSELVES from THEM?

Do OUR tax dollars and charitable giving benefit THEM far more than THEIR tax dollars and lack of charitable giving benefit US?

Does THEIR media fight for OUR Rights, the way OUR media fights for THEIR advantage?

Every penny of this court challenge in defense of EVERYONE’S Rights to be protected by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms has come from private sources.


The same cannot be said about THEM, who will fight the entire case with OUR tax dollars. And all they need to win, is a judge who buys the woe is ME argument of THEM. You know, the argument that goes something like this:

WE are a fragile community that needs you to suppress the Rights of the English majority because – ‘YOU FILL IN THE BLANK’.

Canada is in serious trouble because of the lack of US who are willing to stand up to THEM. Where do you stand?

If you want to know more about how you can get involved and about where I stand on many national issues, please click on the red link just below my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is just unbelievable that people have voted for this phony. It’s all about the words not the work. When millions of people are on the take (ebt, food stamps, harp) the cash will run out and when it does….look out! You just cannot fix stupid and that is where we are……..

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