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Caza won’t fight this case alone. Neither should Ken Bickley.

There has been a mountain of questions concerning when the Township of Russell will be formerly served vis a vis their FORCED bilingual sign bylaw.

Some of the media – French and English, have expressed doubt that it will even happen.

Even some of those who are supporting my anticipated lawsuit with their donations have begun wondering if this is really going to happen, or if all of my talk was just so much bluster.

I can easily understand why everyone is so wired for the day that Russell gets SERVED! This is big-time stuff. The whole country has a great deal riding on it.

That day will most probably be Monday July 21, 2008. And if not on Monday the 21st, it will be on Tuesday the 22nd. But it will be early this coming week.

Many of you, including the media will ask why there was such a delay when I said we will serve the Township Notice at the Council Meeting when the bylaw was passed?

We did do that. I did it personally by placing a letter of Notice into the hands of Mayor Ken Hill within the first minute of his Council’s passing of the bylaw. That was the heads-up.

The next step was to file the Notice of Application, where we were given an actual court date and time (September 25, 2008 at 10:00 o’clock).

The step afterwards was my filing a sworn affidavit. This too was done.

But there was one more step that I wanted to keep quiet which delayed everything by a few weeks.

Our lead attorney, who is the attorney of record, is Ken Bickley. It was very important for me to hire the best lawyer I could for this incredibly important case.

Ken came highly recommended as a seasoned litigator who knows his way around a courtroom. He is also a no nonsense type of guy who will not be intimidated into fighting a case based upon the agenda of the other side.

AND HE CARES! And to me, caring is the most important aspect.

The opposition we will be facing will be led by Ronald Caza, who is famous for fighting for French Rights, deserved or not. His win record is quite impressive, especially with his decisive victory for the French Ottawa Montfort teaching hospital.

He is a partner of Heenan Blaikie, which has 425 lawyers on staff, including Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister of Canada, and Pierre Marc Johnson, former leader of the Separatist Parti Quebecois and Premier of Quebec.

Caza has enormous and very expensive resources at his fingertips. His last language case against the Language Fairness Group (which he won) ran up a tab of some $300,000. I hope Russell is expecting a bill of this magnitude.

Caza won’t fight this case alone. Neither should Ken Bickley. Hence the delay.

I am exceptionally pleased to announce that Ken Bickley’s co counsel in this historic legal battle is none other than Brent Tyler, who is nationally famous for his determined and successful legal battles against Quebec’s ethnocentric and racist language laws.

I don’t believe there is any lawyer in Canada who has a better understanding, or a more enviable track record fighting for Charter Rights where language and culture are involved than does Brent.

Brent has already appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada where Caza had inserted himself as an intervener on the opposing side. And now, Brent Tyler is once again going to be heard by the Supreme Court, not just on one language case, but on two, of which he has won both all the way to, and including the Court of Appeal.

It is the government of Quebec who has sought and received leave to fight the final battle in the second highest Court of the land. The highest being the Court of Public Opinion.

Most lawyers will spend a lifetime practicing law, never to appear before the Supreme Court of Canada, but Tyler will be heard on three different cases.

Between Ken Bickley and Brent Tyler, we have a team that can face Caza and the full weight, resources, and wealth of Heenan Blaikie.

This, I assure all of you who care, was very much worth waiting for.

During a working lunch today (July 18, 2008) in Ottawa, it was decided amongst the three of us that we will fight our battle on the ONLY grounds it should be fought; Section 2b of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

As the Plaintiff, all I want from the Court is to know if Freedom of Expression as is guaranteed under Section 2b is worth the paper it is written upon, or is it strictly a privilege open to interpretation based upon the whim of bureaucrats, politicians and the courts.

Do we have FREE SPEECH in Canada, or do we NOT?

Does the supposed right of any cultural group, regardless of their size and standing in Canada, have the right to abrogate Section 2b of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the purpose of promoting and/or protecting their culture at the expense of others who pose no willful threat to that culture?

With the team of Bickley and Tyler, I believe we have the two lawyers who can prove our case, and finally win one for the veracity of the Constitution.

If you haven’t become involved, and want to have your FREEDOMS protected, you should click on the red link directly beneath my signature to learn how.

This is a fight that will decide far more than just an issue of signs. It could very well become the benchmark that defines the reality of Section 2b of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

If you haven’t put up any money to get your voice heard and your rights guaranteed, now is as good a time as any.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Sadly, the title of your editorial says it all. It took me six years of anguish to finally realize the truth. The American electorate isn’t going to wake up. They voted for a pot-smoking, socialist motivational speaker because he was black, and doing so relieved them from the guilt they felt about America’s racist history. For them it takes disruptions that violate their personal lives to change the way they feel. At this point my only hope is that the coming economic collapse will do just that.

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