Who Would Have Ever Thought It?

Would you have believed any of the following 50 years ago?

Our date for the Moment Of Truth, about what Constitutional RIGHTS we as Canadians have outside of Quebec, is set for September 25, 2008 at 10:00 o’clock in the morning at Superior Court in Ottawa.

The case will be heard under Section 2b (Freedom of Expression) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which also includes Freedom of Speech.

The Township of Russell will be served either late this week or early next week for their FORCED bilingual sign law.

It’s interesting how the media is waiting in anticipation for the moment the Township is served. They keep calling me, especially the French media whom I will not give any interviews to.


I’ve received a load of phone calls and emails asking for interviews from the French Press. My answer is always the same. Sorry. But I no longer give interviews to the French Media since whatever I say is at best misreported, and at worst used in a twisted way to give approbation to the French debate.

Why should I bother?

If the French Press is not going to tell it as it is, and if they’re going to pick and choose between snippets and sound bytes of information I give, so they can create a story based upon innuendo, they don’t need me to make it up for them. They do a fine job all by themselves.

If the French media want to know what’s happening, they can read my Web Site, or read, listen, and/or watch the English media.

A ‘journalist’, and I use that term loosely from the Embrun French Paper called on Monday (July 14, 2008) wanting to know about the Court Case. I told him that I am not giving interviews.

He persisted. So on we went for a few minutes in French. I told him the papers were filed. I gave him the file number (all in French), and I repeated once again, that I will not give him an interview.

At that point it hit me. Why am I speaking to this character in French? Better yet. He wants something from me. So why isn’t he speaking to me in English?

Here I am spending a ton of money, time and effort fighting for my right NOT to communicate in the French language unless I want to, and I find myself arguing with this reporter in his language.

I stopped speaking French, and told him in English that I am not going to give him an interview. But he kept on in French anyway. This time he wanted to know if I would give interviews to the English media, or was it just the French media I refused to speak to?

I repeated myself clearly in English: NO INTERVIEW. And then I hung up the phone.

We have become so conditioned to rolling over for the French language, that even I feel compelled to respond to a rude journalist in his language, as if it is his due and my obligation.


Even when I spoke in English, this piece of work didn’t have the courtesy to speak in my language. AND HE WAS OFFENDED!

Mayor Ken Hill speaks ad nauseam about his bylaw that FORCES people to use a language they do not want to use as a gesture of respect. So here I am speaking in French to a French journalist about my right not to have to speak French, and this putz keeps on speaking French even after I spoke to him in English.

If some jerk like Ken Hill can pass a bylaw forcing me to communicate on signs in the French language, how much of a stretch is it for someone of his sick mindset to force me to give interviews in the French language?

Would you have believed any of the following 50 years ago?

Who would have ever thought that English speakers would not be allowed to work in virtually any executive capacity in the Canadian Civil Service?

Who would have ever thought that to be an officer in the Canadian military speaking French is the first priority?

Who would have ever thought that being a Mountie anywhere in Canada meant you better speak French?

Who would have ever thought that there would be French ONLY healthcare clinics in Ontario where sick non-French folk are turned away?

Who would have ever thought that there would be segregated school busses in Ontario where English kids are persona non grata, as if being English is some kind of a disease?

Who would have ever thought that putting up an English ONLY sign in Ontario would be against the law?

Who would have ever thought that Canada would have a Governor General, born in Haiti, who carried a French passport, who is married to a Quebecois nationalist, who opened her home to Quebec separatists, and toasted Quebec independence?

Who would have ever thought that the man who wants to be Prime Minister (Stephane Dion) would go on record by saying that Quebec’s Bill 101, that strips all non French speakers from their Constitutional Rights is a “Great Canadian Law”, and that the man who created this law is a “Great Canadian”?

Who would have ever thought that Quebec would become a Nation within the nation of Canada? And that French Quebecers are on a fast track to carrying French passports in addition to their Canadian passports?

Who would have ever thought that the unrestricted use of the English language anywhere in Canada would be against the law?

So, if you wouldn’t have believed any of the preceding 50 years ago, why would it be such a stretch to believe that one day, some politician could pass a law that will make it mandatory to give interviews to the media in the French language?

This fight is everyone’s fight. If we lose our right to Freedom of Speech to a schmucky Township Mayor like Ken Hill, we will lose everything from coast to coast.

To find out how you can become involved and make a difference, please click on the red link directly under my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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