What Canada Stands For

Canada stands for political and social entitlements.

I’ve asked this question so often, that I couldn’t even hazard a guess as to how many times; but I’ll ask it again.


According to our national dictum, Canada stands for “PEACE, ORDER & GOOD GOVERNMENT”, compared to the American dictum found in their Constitution:


It’s easy to know what Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness means. But what does Peace, Order and Good Government mean?

In a totalitarian state; Peace, Order and Good Government can mean FORCED “peaceful” obedience to the will of the state. Order by not allowing demonstrations and Free Expression. And Good Government by making certain everyone toes the line.

How do Peace, Order and Good Government make a country worth living in?

If one doesn’t have as much Freedom as possible, to live one’s life the way any individual sees fit, so long as that Freedom does not impose itself upon the Freedom of others, where’s the worthiness of living in such a nation?

If a nation taxes its people to the point where the people are working for the government and its bureaucrats, opposed to the government working for the tax payers, where’s the worthiness of living in such a nation?

If a nation strips its hardest workers, risk-takers, entrepreneurs and the such from much of their hard earned wealth, just to give it to people who have done little-to-nothing to earn it, where is the worthiness of living in such a nation?

If a nation governs itself upon the political expediencies of satisfying unfair cultural demands of an influential minority in order to win enough votes to win office at the expense of a passive majority, where is the worthiness of living in such a nation?

If a nation creates commissions to control FREE EXPRESSION, in order to stifle debate concerning cultural rights and equality, where is the worthiness of living in such a nation?


Back to my original question about what Canada stands for. For me, the answer is simple: Canada stands for political and social entitlements.

Canada does not stand for Freedom, since we are rapidly constraining and redefining FREEDOM of EXPRESSION.

Canada does not stand for the rights of individuals and small businesses to become big time successes, since over-regulation, bureaucracy and high taxes are strangling Canada’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Canada does not stand for open politics, where elected members of government speak on the behalf of their constituents instead of their Party.

Canada has become all about rewarding mediocrity and people who toe the line. In our own way, we have become, and are ever more becoming a very controlled society too frightened to buck the system.

A people who are as intimidated as Canadians to freely express themselves in their condemnation of cultural entitlements for fear of being typecast as racists or troublemakers, are a people who are on a fast-track to national disaster.

I purchase many ads that are extremely critical of government and cultural groups who believe they have a special entitlement to have more rights and recognition than others.

Recently, I was told that one of my ads had to be “reworded” by one of the publications, because their lawyers thought my words were too aggressive.

The publication was worried that an offended party could sue them; along with me for running the ad, even though there was nothing that I wrote that was legally actionable.

My response to their request to have my ad reworded was simple. Cancel the ad. I will not have a group of lawyers or anyone else telling me what to say or how to say it, or what to write and how to write it.


That’s what this ad was all about.

If there is any single enterprise in a FREE SOCIETY that must never be intimidated by those who want to restrict FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, it must be the media. But as you can see from this story, this member of the media was the first to fold in fear.

What makes this story even that much sadder, is that the ad was written to announce the date we have established in Ontario Superior Court for our legal challenge against the Township of Russell for violating Section 2b of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

Section 2b is all about FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION including all other inherent rights such as Free Speech.

My next editorial will outline our Court Challenge and what I expect to win.

If you want to fight for your right to Freedom of Expression without intimidation, you just might want to contribute to Galganov Dot Com Inc. Together we ‘might’ win. Separate we will surely lose.

To learn how you can make a difference, please click on the red link below my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. My greatest disappointment was when Americans voted to make Obama President. My second, and even greater disappointment was when they did it twice. I guess I was a little naïve, as I had no idea as to the depth of stupidity in so many people. I didn’t realize how many people in America had become so lazy and entitled. I didn’t realize how many people were perfectly OK with relinquishing personal liberties for “hope and change”.

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