It’s 2008 & Ayn Rand Is More Relevant Than Ever

For collectivist evil to succeed, the collectivists must do several things:

I recently wrote a letter to one of our benefactors who is quite generous with his financial, moral and informative support. In the letter, I mentioned that my wife Anne was rereading ‘Atlas Shrugged’, which was written by Ayn Rand in 1957, which my Anne read for the first time some 40 years ago.

Anne has always been supportive of the socio/political things that I’ve done, even if she was unhappy that it was me doing them. She certainly wasn’t happy about the huge amount of money I spent fighting ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists from 1995 to the year 2000.

She was very unhappy that I basically walked away from our national advertising agency to dedicate all of my time and effort to fight endemic Quebec racism against its English-speaking minority.

Living with armed bodyguards 24/7 was terribly upsetting for her as well. But, because of the threats and the warnings by police, there was no other choice.

What bothered Anne most though, was ‘Anglo’ apathy and criticism, especially from those who contributed the least. She never made any attempt to hide her disdain for the people who put up so little yet had so much to say.

I didn’t like them either. But, the ones I really didn’t like were the Quislings, the sell-outs, the bridge-builders, the moderates, and appeasers. All of whom were cowards, turncoats, enablers and our enemies from within.

Anne begged me to leave Quebec and all of this behind us. She knew that what I was doing was the right thing to do. She knew that the people I was engaged against were vile and needed to be stood-up to. But she wanted someone else other than me to do it.

If we fast-forward to my current involvement in the fight for the defense of Charter Freedoms and individual rights against those who are micromanaging collectivists, not much has changed except for one huge thing.

Today, Anne has a very different perspective on the value of standing up to the thugs, even if it means that we stand-alone.

After Anne’s second reading of ‘Atlas Shrugged’, which she just finished, she has a whole new appreciation for the need to defend ourselves against those who are working overtime to take away the things that we have and hold so dear.

She accepts perhaps for the first time, that the battle we are engaged in has little to nothing to do with the masses, and everything to do with us. After reading ‘Atlas Shrugged’, which was written by Ayn Rand some 51 years ago, Anne sees the writing on the wall for all of us.

For collectivist evil to succeed, the collectivists must do several things:

1) Take away from individual entrepreneurial spirit by regulating as many aspects of society as possible.

They’ve more or less done that. It is becoming easier to list what we can do, opposed to the things we cannot do.

2) Social engineering by taxing those who risk and sacrifice to create wealth, for the purpose of redistributing their wealth to those who do so little.

They’ve done that too. We are living in an age of economic entitlements, where no one can become Prime Minister without pledging to give something for nothing.

3) Create the Nanny-State that makes the vast majority of citizens dependent on the largesse of government.

We see that everyday where people turn first to government to deal with their problems, rather than turning to themselves.

4) Create a giant bureaucracy that becomes a nation within a nation, all of which is paid for by the vulnerable hard-working middle class, successful businesses and entrepreneurs.

The bureaucracy in Canada is so huge that it has indeed become a nation unto itself.

5) And finally – Take away Freedom of Speech and the inherent associated freedoms we enjoy specifically as a result of FREE SPEECH.

This is the final and most draconian stage, which is well underway. For all totalitarian states to survive, true Freedom of Speech cannot exist.

The preceding is the action blueprint for social and political engineering by all demagogues. Communist and Fascist alike.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau began this collectivist journey for Canada back in the late 1960’s when he created what he called his “JUST SOCIETY”.

He raised taxes. He created a deficit when Canada was literally debt-free. He created a foreign policy that favored Communists and Fascists over our friendship with the Americans.

Trudeau developed a massive collectivist bureaucracy that embarked upon a journey to control as much of our society’s life as one can imagine. But the truly terrifying aspect of this Trudeau legacy is that not one Prime Minister since the Trudeau days has made any significant attempt to reverse it.

We still have exceptionally high taxes, an ever-ballooning bureaucracy, more regulation than not, more business restrictions than not, more of a welfare and nanny state than not, Charter of Rights and Freedom exceptions that should not exist in an egalitarian society, and fewer individual Freedoms under the law.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of all of this is the elitist concept that so-called Human Rights Commissions have the right to hold inquisitions of any Canadian individual and corporation above and beyond due legal process that is accorded to all Canadians by law.

This renders our Charter of Rights and Freedoms to be worthless.

If this scares you, as it should; do something about it. Be vocal. Be heard. Be an activist. If not, you have no right to complain when it becomes too late.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What Obama has done and is doing is exactly what I expected; 3 of my 4 brothers supported him and still do. They and their families, with few exceptions. I don’t know when or if they will ever realize the criminal offense they committed by voting for him. And, yes, Boehner is just as bad; he has never had the courage or common sense to stand for what he promised when he ran. This nation will suffer even more before and if it’s ever returned to any form of freedom.

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