The Threat Of Arrest For Free Speech In Canada

If you ask whether or not it is possible for someone like me to be arrested for speaking out in defense of all of our rights? The answer is yes.

I was inundated with calls and emails on Monday (June 23, 2008) from supporters who were literally terrified that I was about to be arrested by the OPP (Ontario Provincial police) for the crime of hate-speech.

CBC ran a story about ethnocentric Quebecois nationalist Gilles Rheaume’s public declaration that he would ask the OPP to have me arrested for inciting against French-speaking people.

I am deeply touched by the concern so many people had for my well-being. The way Canada is evolving, who is to say that I will not get a heavy-handed knock on my door?

Before I continue to write about the heavy-hand of the Leftist Political Correctness Bunch, and their core challenges to the essence of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I first want you to know something about my accuser Gilles Rheaume.

From 1981 to 1995, Rheaume was the President of the very Separatist and exceptionally anti-English St Jean Baptist Society.

His claim to fame, was that he once walked the distance from Montreal to Quebec City (180 miles), to the Plains of Abraham for the sole purpose of urinating on the Statue of British General James Wolfe, who in 1759 (241 years ago) defeated the French in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

For some unexplainable reason, the French and English press in Quebec gives this guy credibility, even though no one seems to know what he does for a living when he’s not rolling in the flotsam of ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism.

In a live Canada-wide CBC television debate (1996), Rheaume and I were seated so close together in a tiny studio, that our shoulders were actually touching. It was the first time we met. During the debate, Rheaume rolled his body in front of mine to be totally centered in the camera lens, he then stuck out his tongue as far as it would go, pointed to it with a jabbing index finger, and repeatedly began yelling:

“My tongue is black! My tongue is black!”

This went on for a while. And every now and then afterwards, when I said something that offended him, he did it all over again.

Rheaume was making reference to another Quebec Separatist ‘icon’, Pierre Vallier, who in 1968, while languishing in a US prison, wrote a book titled: “White Niggers Of America”, comparing the so-called plight of Quebec’s French speakers to the plight of Black Americans.

As you can imagine, the CBC debate went nowhere from there, but instead of this idiot disappearing into the vacuum of media obscurity for this outrage (amongst many others), he was instead accorded an equal position in the socio/political landscape to mine, and to the tens of thousand of people who were amongst those who supported my initiatives and efforts.

At every opportunity, the Montreal Gazette featured Rheaume’s many proclamations, often on the front page above the fold. On the other hand, most of what I did, said, and contributed was buried on the inside of the paper, and if ever (rarely) on the front page, virtually NEVER above the fold, unless I did or said something they perceived could be spun against me.

That our conventional media gives people like Rheaume the time of day is a terrible statement about them. But, to give him equivalence to me, and people like me, goes beyond description.

The frightening aspect of the possibility of a heavy-handed knock on my door by the police, isn’t out of the realm of imagination in a society where Free Speech is considered a liability, opposed to an incontrovertible asset.

In all my years of paying attention to French language activism, I have yet to come across any mainstream media who have called their outrages racism.

In the NATION of Quebec, the unrestricted use of the English language is against the law and punishable with serious fines. But, to the mainstream media, that seems to be OK, because we have to be understanding of the need for Quebec’s French speakers to walk all over minority rights in order to further themselves.

And if some of us are NOT OK with it, we are the racists, extremists and hardliners in the French and acquiescent English media.

In Ontario, there are French ONLY publicly financed healthcare clinics that refuse to give care to sick English people. There are segregated school busses where French speakers do not want their children to come into contact with their English-speaking friends.

Also in Ontario, where French speaking people do not have the guts to simply demand French on all commercial signs, they weaseled themselves into FORCED bilingual signs in the guise of respect.

But, for someone like me to stand against any of the aforementioned, I am branded as a bigot and a hate monger.

There is no question that some bureaucrat with the authority to try to shut me up will do his or her best to do so, including charging me with the commission of a Hate-Crime that would lead to an arrest.

In our Canadian society, it has come down to equivocating a worthless piece of work like Gilles Rheaume to decency. It has come down to apologizing for an entire society (French Quebec) that has stripped away the rights of their minority. It has come down to accepting healthcare clinics that will provide care based exclusively upon one’s language (culture), opposed to one’s needs.

So, if you ask whether or not it is possible for someone like me to be arrested for speaking out in defense of all of our rights? The answer is yes.

In the Monday June 23, 2008 issue of the National Post on page A13, Theo Caldwell quoted Dean Steacy, who is high in the pecking order of Canada’s Human Rights Commissions as saying:

“Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.”


If you support Freedom of Speech and all of the inherent Freedoms that are associated with it, you will support my campaign to Win Back Canada and roll back the sickness that is robbing us of the essence of a true Democracy.

If not, don’t ever be surprised when (not if) we begin to hear the heavy-handed knocking on the door.

To learn more about what I stand for and how you can support my initiatives, please click on the red link directly under my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ont. votes a majority Liberal govt. after 10 years of McGinty. US votes Obama 4 more disaster years. England survives the blitz and grabs her ankles to radical Islam and Sharia Law. Democratic countries pay their elected officials to be left alone and not vote. Western US is running out of water. Canada builds malls and sub-divisions on agricultural land. Solar and wind in Ont. land of hydro dams. Municipalities continue to regulate private property. It is not going to end well … and soon!

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