The French Art Of The Simultaneous Suck And Blow

As much as the French community throughout Canada tries, they cannot suck and blow at the same time.

Since I hand-delivered our Notice of Legal Action directly to Ken Hill, the Mayor of the Township of Russell, the circus has indeed come to town.

It’s like deja-vu ‘all over again’ as if the clock was rolled back to the mid 1990’s when my first name was Maudit (damned), as in Maudit Galganov.

My email is busy with hate mail. But that’s what the trash file is for. My PO Box is enjoying letters from hateful people, whom I am pleased to say are as linguistically ignorant as are their opinions.

I’ve even had one of my “Together: LET’S WIN BACK CANADA” fliers which was covered in Swastikas deposited into my personal home mailbox.

You might be surprised when I write that all of this is good.

It’s good, because these morons are attacking the messenger, opposed to the message. It’s good, because it shows that these insulting people are sufficiently frightened of their own lack of legitimacy.

I visited the beautiful little town of Russell yesterday (June 18, 2008), where I did several things:

1 – I rented retail space for my new business.

2 – The new registered business is called GALGANOV CONSULTING.


No one can point a finger at me and suggest that I do not have a legal interest in the town where I do business, hold office, and am a fully paid member in good standing of the Chamber of Commerce.

The French press in Quebec has an enormous problem with all of this. When they’ve been interviewing me, the primary question they’ve asked is:

“Why are you fighting against bilingual signs in Ontario, while you fought for bilingual signs in Quebec?”

Here are two answers that stop them dead in their tracks:

1 – I didn’t fight for bilingual signs in Quebec. I fought against Quebec’s language law, Bill 101 that made it illegal to have unrestricted bilingual signs, AND any English only on signs.

2 – I am NOT fighting AGAINST bilingual signs in Ontario or anywhere else. I am fighting against FORCED bilingual signs. BIG DIFFERENCE!


I did some interviewing of my own during our conversations. I asked them if they thought French people should have the freedom of speech to express themselves fully in their language anywhere within Canada?

How could they say no?

So, imagine how ridiculous they felt when I pointed out to them that this FORCED bilingual sign law LEGALLY strips the rights of French speakers to post a sign ONLY in the French language.

Quebec has spent BILLIONS of dollars to literally eviscerate bilingualism in the belief that their French majority would more likely assimilate to the English side if there became a choice between French and English.

And here in Ontario, towns with significant French-speaking populations are doing just the opposite.

What is also unbelievable, is the linguistically racist policy of many Franco Ontarians to segregate themselves and their children from the English speaking community. For example:

There are French ONLY school busses where English-speaking children are persona non grata.

There are French ONLY publicly funded healthcare clinics where sick English people are turned away because they are not French. How does one measure the DNA to determine one’s adequate “Frenchness”?

As much as the French community throughout Canada tries, they cannot suck and blow at the same time. And sooner, rather than later, the English speaking community of Canada is going to come to the realization that our French neighbors want it both ways with ‘us’ paying the bill.

The insult on top of injury, is that not only are the English speakers of Canada paying most of the bill for French language advantage, where none should exist, Franco-Ethnocentricity has become a major force for affirmative action that is denying jobs and opportunities to Canada’s English speaking majority.

What has the French speakers who support this nonsense so pissed-off isn’t because those who support me are wrong. It is because we are right, and their dirty little secret is becoming less and less of a secret.

Our court challenge against this outrageous, discriminatory and anti free-speech FORCED bilingual sign bylaw will cost a great deal of money. The other side, which is determined to strip away your rights and mine, will be fighting with PUBLIC money.

They will use our federal tax dollars through the recently resurrected Court Challenges Program. The Franco Ontario societies will use our tax dollars from what they get from Heritage Canada. And the Township of Russell will use the tax money that should go to servicing their municipal infrastructure, to instead fight their English-speaking taxpayers.

If you want to help stop this aberration, and the further erosion of our freedoms, send a check or contribute online via PayPal. This is everyone’s fight from Coast to Coast. What happens in Russell Ontario will have a major impact on all of Canada.

To see how you can help, and read more about what I stand for, please click on the red link below my signature.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. amen brother!…for your supporters who have not read the book THE SHADOW PARTY by david horowitz and richard poe…i heartily recommend it for their invaluable insights on the deep roots of the soros/obama axis of evil for the transformation of ameica into a ‘utopian socialist state’ with 1960s radicals in total control…look to the one party states of california, illinois, and new york …all bankrupt…our last hope is the 50 % of voters who reject this tyranny…keep your powder dry….

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