Some Selfish Franco Ontarians

I now ask the French speakers of South Eastern Ontario: What do you want?

Now that every household in the Township of Russell received the BOYCOTT flier, I’ve received a great many emails from English speakers who were very positive, which included financial support via PayPal.

On the other hand, even the “polite” emails from French speakers who are very much opposed to the BOYCOTT flier, carried more than just a hint of venom.

A common thread in all of them described me as a redneck and a racist. A few of them told me to move to the USA. One of them was specific about where I should go in the USA. Texas. That’s OK, I like Texas.

With the exception of one, they all said NOTHING at all about the REAL issue, which is Russell Mayor Ken Hill’s FORCED bilingual sign bylaw, which is a violation of freedom of speech, expression, association and choice.

I can’t for the life of me understand how so many people can be so ignorant, bordering on stupid, not to see that their right to post a sign exclusively in their French language will become ILLEGAL if Ken Hill gets his way!

I responded to virtually every person who sent me an email.

In each of my responses, I pointed out that in the ‘NATION’ of Quebec, where the unrestricted use of the English language is AGAINST THE LAW, even the French media are not allowed to use any English.

The CRTC has made it illegal for any radio or television station in Quebec to broadcast in both languages. The reason: To keep French speakers from becoming assimilated.

The Montreal Gazette is free to publish French only ads and run any copy including news in the French language, which, from time to time they do. But, Quebec law does not allow their French media counterparts to do the same. The reason: To keep French speakers from becoming assimilated.

I am 58 years old. I was born in Quebec (Montreal) where I spent my entire life less 9 years. The 9 years have been in Ontario. I have heard the many myths uttered by French nationals about the insults and taunts from the English community.

But I have NEVER heard the insults and taunts. Not from my friends. Not from my family. Not from my business bosses. Not from any of my co-workers. And not from any of my employees. NOT FROM ANYONE!

But, what I have seen and felt was Quebec’s endemic state sponsored racism against English speakers, that has stolen the English community’s history, present and future from their right to be visible including equal job opportunities, as well as their right to educate their children in the language of their choice.

All that I’ve written in the preceding is simply the tip of the ethnocentric Quebecois iceberg. It goes on and on to the point where Montreal’s English speaking community is becoming nothing more than a ghetto.

The question the rest of Canada used to ask Quebec was: What do you want? The direct and honest answer should have been EVERYTHING. But why say it when you get everything nonetheless?

I now ask the French speakers of South Eastern Ontario the same question: What do you want?

Do you have the right to speak, read, write, hear, and see YOUR language wherever and however you wish? YES.

Do you have the right to enroll anyone to your French educational system? YES.

Do you have the right to segregate school busses denying English children space on those busses? YES.

Do you have the right to run your business in the French language? YES.

Do you have the right to run publicly funded French Community Centers? YES.

Do you have the right to run French ONLY healthcare Centers that turn away sick English speakers? YES.

Do you have the right to communicate with all levels of your government in the French language? YES.

Do you have the right to affirmative action, where a huge and disproportionate number of French speakers are given preferential hiring opportunities over more qualified English only speakers? YES.

Do you have the right to enjoy having French services paid in a big part by the majority of English taxpayers? YES.

So what more do you want?

Why is it so important to the French speaking minority to get into the face of their English neighbors to FORCE English speakers to communicate in the French language?

Not one of the French writers who were so quick to condemn me would answer any of these questions, let alone acknowledge that these truths even exist.

Ken Hill, the Mayor of Russell Township says it is all about respect. With no due respect to Ken Hill, I don’t think he would know the meaning of the word if it hit him in the head.

If you think it’s time for French speaking communities to start showing respect to their English neighbors, by not FORCING their French language and French culture on their English neighbors, you might want to join me in my campaign to make things right.

NOTHING that I have ever written or stated ever suggested that French-speaking Canadians should have less rights and opportunities than they currently enjoy. No Quebec style Bill 101 AGAINST French speaking Canadians.

But for far too many of them – that’s just not enough. So what is?


To learn more about where I stand and how you can help make a difference, please click on the red link under my signature.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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