Your Freedom Of Speech Is Under Attack

What I am writing here is actionable by Canada’s Human Rights Commissions.

The ONLY guarantee we have to remain a working Democracy is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. But this freedom is under attack.

Freedom of Speech falls under many categories:

Freedom to speak, write and support your political, social and religious views.

Freedom to read, see and listen to political views.

Freedom to CRITICIZE the political, social, and religious views of others.

But over the years of complacency, we have become accustomed to taking our FREEDOM of SPEECH for granted. The consequences of which are beginning to show in many subtle ways. And not always in ways easily discerned, such as opinion intimidation.

Here’s a perfect example as it applies to the race for the US Presidency:

If one criticizes Barack Obama for his 20-year association with his Black Church and Black Church Minister, that person is quickly labeled anti-Black. This racist tag is far more than enough to send most honest people scurrying for cover.

But here’s the truth: Would anyone support a White candidate who belonged to a White Liberation Church?

Would anyone support a White candidate who for 20 years belonged to a church that berated Black people, Jews, Israel and even his own country?

The truth to these questions requires no answers, since they are self-evident.

So why can’t White people make the point, that through his own close and personal association with the Black Liberation Church and racist Black Pastor, Barack Obama is probably one in the same with those he once proudly referred to as his spiritual and moral compass without being labeled a racist?

This type of intimidation is a subtle and extremely successful form of attack on Freedom of Speech. It certainly has most of the media cowed.

Another attack on Freedom of Speech comes from special interest groups willing to use the courts, or in Canada’s case, Human Rights Commissions to intimidate Free Speech with court challenges that could easily bankrupt anyone wishing to express his or her own views.

This might be the worst intimidation of all, since nothing is more Democratic and mom’s apple pie than seeking redress in the courts of the land.

There is no human force on earth that can destroy Democracy, other than Democracy itself when used by demagogues pretending that it is in the nation’s best interests to limit FREE SPEECH.

This is exactly what is happening in Canada today.

Human Rights Commissioners have declared themselves prosecutors, judges and juries, all rolled into one to oversee who has the right to an opinion, and how much of that opinion is acceptable.

The West is under attack by Islam, of that there is no question except from those who are too stupid or too Liberal not to see it. That Canada’s shores have not yet been struck means nothing. We are nonetheless at war.

The enemy of Freedom has found a tremendous and powerful ally in Canada’s Human Rights Commissions who are working overtime to intimate anyone, including the mainstream media from criticizing Islam or any part of it.

On the side of the Islamists who will do whatever they can to shape Canada’s Democracy to fit their religious view of the world, they’ve found this huge weapon (Human Rights Commissions) that costs them nothing to wield at their will.

The insanity of this travesty to Freedom of Speech is that the first victims to Freedom of Speech if the Islamists prevail, will be our Secular courts.

You don’t have to take my word for any of this. Just look at the Islamist World, where there exists not even one successful nation where people are really free to express themselves.

It can be argued that Turkey is that exception. But Turkey is not that successful a nation. It also has a non-negotiable separation between Mosque and State enforced by the military, while it is constantly teetering on its own religious explosion.

What I am writing here is actionable by Canada’s Human Rights Commissions. Others have been dragged before them for less. But I don’t care since my right to FREEDOM of SPEECH is far more important to me, than “their” right to silence me.

If you care about your RIGHT to free speech, and your right to have free access to the opinions of others, you will not sit back in silence while our FREEDOMS are under attack by an enemy from without, and an enemy from within.

If you want your voice heard in Parliament and throughout Canada, and want to support my efforts to beat back the forces that will take away our basic Freedom of Speech, you can help.

Please click on the red link under my signature to see what I stand for, and how you can help make a difference.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, thank you for your leadership and wisdom. I really appreciate your efforts to keep our moral and conservative values in the forefront of everyone’s mind. I have a dreadful and foreboding feeling that something catastrophic will happen within the next two years. I hope our military remains faithful to the Constitution and is not used by a dictator who seized full control of the government under the guise of preserving the country.

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