A Letter From An Offended Francophone

There is a lot more to this campaign than just issues of language.

“advising you that i am contacting RCMP to report your campaign as haineous crime. Don’t under estimate what you are actually mister intolerance. We wont accept this sort of crap in Canada. Available for meeting anytime…Carol Tremblay.”

The preceding is the exact email (spelling and grammar not corrected) that I received (Monday June 2, 2008) from someone who identifies herself as Carol Tremblay.

I guess she is referring to my campaign to WIN BACK CANADA in defense of common sense issues. It seems to me that her problem is that I don’t want to be bullied any longer by the French-speaking minority outside of Quebec.

She wrote in her email to me: “We wont accept this sort of crap in Canada.”

What crap that “we wont accept in Canada” is she writing about?

Is it the crap about the unrestricted use of the English language in Quebec being against the law?

Is it the crap that the English education system is being squeezed-out of existence in Quebec?

Is it the crap that English visibility and accomplishments throughout Quebec, but especially in Montreal are nearly invisible by nothing short of silk-gloved ethnic-cleansing?

Is it the crap that Quebec won’t license healthcare workers who want to work in what used-to-be English hospitals, unless they can pass a French proficiency exam? Or, that there are no longer any English hospitals that are allowed to exist in the province of Quebec?

Does the crap that Canada won’t stand for include fines people have been forced to pay because they dared to express themselves in the English language within Quebec?

How about the crap about a French ONLY healthcare clinic in Cornwall Ontario, where sick English people are UNWELCOME and turned away?

Or the crap about French schools and French parents in Alexandria who insist on segregating their French children from English children by refusing to allow them to travel on the same school busses together?

Is she upset about the crap that denies English speakers civil service jobs and senior military positions throughout English Canada because of French Affirmative Action, even though English speakers make up MORE than 97% of Canada’s population excluding the French nation of Quebec?

I think though, the crap Carol Tremblay is speaking about is my campaign against FORCED bilingual signs, which makes it ILLEGAL in some parts of Ontario to have an English ONLY sign.

I agree with her. This is indeed an awful lot of crap the non-French population has been living with for a very long time.

What has Carol Tremblay and others like her so upset, isn’t that I am wrong. It is because I am right.

It isn’t because what they are doing is wrong. It is because what they are doing is for the first time being challenged.

As I have written and stated for all to read and hear, I fully support the RIGHT of all French speakers to live their lives in French. And even though they cannot survive without my English tax dollars, I make no complaint about supporting their culture.

But enough is enough!

Let Carol Tremblay make all the complaints she wants to. Let her go to the RCMP which will sooner rather than later be forced to hire ONLY those people who can pass a French proficiency exam.

Or let her take her complaint to a Human Rights Commission whose specialty is stifling Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech.

It doesn’t matter where she goes, or what she and others like her say, I will not be silenced, and I will not be intimidated. What is right is right. And what is wrong is wrong.

If you think my position is right and you want to WIN BACK CANADA, get involved.

There is a lot more to this campaign than just issues of language.

We must stand tall against the real and daily threat against our basic Freedoms. We must rein in government. We must shred the bureaucracy; the red tape and the concept that bureaucrats know how we should live our lives better than we do.

We must eliminate the nanny state and concentrate more on rewarding those who are hard at work and assume entrepreneurial risk, than we do those who do nothing but want it all nonetheless.

We must make certain that those who come to our country understand that they must become like us, opposed to us becoming like them.

To Carol Tremblay and others like her, it’s all about HER language, Her culture and what SHE can squeeze out of Canada. But it is far more than that.

If you want to learn more about what I stand for and how you can get involved and support Galganov.com, click on the red link under my signature.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. I too said Obama would be the biggest mistake the US ever made. I was working in the US at the time. I did manage to convince at least two lifetime democrats to vote Republican; sadly McCain would have been almost as bad. The guy never said anything substantive and when he did say the few clear intentions he had( fundamentally change America) everyone should have been running to the Republicans. Very few listened to what he said – which was NOTHING!

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