BOYCOTT Might Be The Answer

We decided unanimously upon a BOYCOTT of all French owned businesses if this FORCED bilingual proposal becomes law.

In the past few weeks, I’ve received a few very nasty emails concerning my mass mailings titled: TOGETHER: LET’S WIN BACK CANADA!

But I’ve also received a slew of emails and donations to Galganov Dot Com Inc that basically say: IT’S ABOUT TIME!

I try to respond to all the people who send me letters, but it’s very hard concerning the volume I receive. But I make an extra effort to write back to my harshest critics, most of whom are so Left of Center, that the word right is probably no longer within their vocabulary.

Their common theme about me is that I am a racist, a French language bigot, anti-immigrant, anti-Moslem and a heartless Right Wing Conservative.

My general response to them is as follows:

For someone who is as racist, bigoted, anti-immigrant and a heartless Conservative as you say I am, please explain why I participated in starting programs that feed up to 6000 children hot meals per day, mostly to French speaking and immigrant children in greater Montreal?

Or why I helped raise enormous amounts of money, products and awareness to shelter Montreal’s homeless, most of whom were French speaking?

Or why I worked diligently with organizations such as Montreal’s Sun Youth to promote and distribute Christmas food baskets, and food baskets in general year round to every language and cultural group in Montreal?

Or why I personally schlepped hundreds of Passover food baskets over the years to Montreal’s poor and elderly Jewish community?

Or how I worked with the Montreal police to have school days in the park for French and immigrant children in the poorer parts of town?

Or how I created a multi-million dollar campaign to aid battered women and their children, regardless of their culture, race, religion and language?

There’s much more, but this isn’t about me as much as it is about them. Here’s how I end each and every one of my replies:

So far, this is what I have done with my life. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOURS?

Canada is in serious jeopardy from our do nothing, micromanaging, regulating Leftists who want to control everything and everyone. They do nothing. They put up nothing. But they want you to put up everything through your taxes and hard work.

It’s the same thing with Leftist Anglo language ass-kissers who don’t have the brains or the guts to stand up for their rights to choose.

When confronted with the truth, as they are when I write back to them, they shut up like little clams.

Last week, I had a meeting with concerned residents of Russell Township. At that meeting were French speakers as well as English speakers. There were business owners and folks who worked for others. They were of both genders and averaged in age between 35 and 55. And they were upset.

From this meeting, we all walked away with several extremely important understandings:

A FORCED bilingual sign bylaw is not acceptable. The Russell Chamber of Commerce and the Russell Resident’s Association are 100% behind an initiative to fight back. And that something has to be done NOW!

Most important perhaps, is that we all agreed that this has nothing to do with language, as it has everything to do with basic individual rights.

We decided unanimously upon a BOYCOTT of all French owned businesses if this FORCED bilingual proposal becomes law.

I will lead it. And until these groups can get their funding together, I will finance it through Galganov Dot Com Inc.

The mailing is in full production. And it is aggressive.

What other choice do the people have but to BOYCOTT, when their ability to defend their RIGHT to CHOOSE becomes irrelevant, when a mayor and council have already decided that their right to tell the people how to live, trumps the rights of those who elected them?

It just blows me away that it is totally lost on the French speaking communities throughout all of Canada, that they would not exist without English tax dollars and English largesse supporting their French infrastructure.

And that Quebec would be nothing more than a bankrupt French-speaking backwater without English tax dollars.

Instead of a hearty thank you from the French speakers of Canada for being carried on the shoulders of English tax payers, far too many of the French speakers show their gratitude by demanding more, more and more yet again.

The most galling part of this attitude of French entitlement at English expense, is that they want English Canada to sacrifice our majority freedoms for their minority benefit.

If you think everyone’s RIGHT to CHOOSE is something worth defending, you might want to consider making a donation to the cause.

If you believe as I do, that TOGETHER: WE CAN WIN BACK CANADA, please click on the red link below my signature to learn how you can help make a difference.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hussein Obama is 50% to blame. The other 50% falls on the American People who elected this …………,
    and is equally shared by the Republic Party and the elected Officials. They are as big losers as BHO2.

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