Quebec And The Golden Goose.

Canada has become a country that disenfranchises Canadians who are not French speaking.

There is no shortage of people across Canada who are finally beginning to understand that Canada has become all about Quebec.

A tremendous amount of our national tax dollars collected from British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, in the hundreds of billions of dollars over the years have in one way or another gone to Quebec.

Canada has spent tens of billions of dollars on “Official Bilingualism” that benefits no one on Canada other than French speaking Quebecers and a smattering of French speakers in the rest of Canada.

Official bilingualism has denied employment to about 97% of Canadians (excluding Quebec) who wish to work in a senior civil service position or hold a senior rank in Canada’s military.

As of just recently, the Supreme Court of Canada has all but made it mandatory for all members of the RCMP to be functionally bilingual (French).

Canada has become a country that disenfranchises Canadians who are not French speaking.

Outside of Quebec, French communities in the rest of Canada have used English tax dollars to create French only healthcare clinics (Cornwall Ontario), segregated French only school busses (Alexandria Ontario), and mandated bilingual signs east of Ottawa where inspectors are charged with measuring letters to make certain that all signs comply with their language law prohibiting English only signs.

Several communities in Ontario are now in the process of hoisting mammoth Franco-Ontario flags to signal how French their towns are.

British Columbians will pay a small fortune to celebrate Quebec’s St Jean Baptist Day (June 24) as a show of “solidarity and respect” for the French and Quebecois culture in their lead-up celebrations for the 2010 Olympics.

These British Columbian organizers are too stupid to realize that St Jean Baptist Day is actually Quebec’s Fete Nationale celebration that supports Quebec’s racist cultural policies that make the unrestricted use of the English language in Quebec against that law, and the day Quebec leaves Canada.

Dalton McGuinty (Ontario’s Premier) has all of a sudden awoken to the reality that Canada’s asinine Equalization Payment policy is killing his province.

Ontario is on the brink of becoming a have-not province partly because of McGuinty’s gargantuan incompetence, and partly because over the years, Ontario has flushed $100 billion and more down the toilet we call Quebec.

Why did Ontario allow itself to be so robbed?

Simple: Every federal politician will do whatever he or she can (including Stephen Harper), and spend every dollar he or she can get his or her hands on to buy Quebec votes.

And it’s easy for a federal politician to do this, since no Ontario Premier wants to come off appearing to be anti-Quebec, especially if he or she has federal political aspirations.

John, A gentleman I’ve recently met, who is a major supporter to the LET’S WIN BACK CANADA campaign, has taken delight every time Quebec has made aggravating and ridiculous demands on the rest of Canada.

To paraphrase his words: The more Quebec and French speakers demand from the rest of Canada, the more the people of the rest of Canada will wake up, which moves Quebec closer to the door.

His logic is unassailable.

While Quebec has ruled Canada for as long as I am alive (58 years), the rest of Canada never once blinked. Foreign and Domestic policies that shaped Canada as a nation (not in a good way) were made in Quebec. But no one cared.

Today, to be a Prime Minister, one must at the very least be functionally bilingual, even though more than 97% of Canada’s population (excluding Quebec) are not French speakers.

When the bucks are rolling-in, no one pays attention to the amount of money rolling-out. But now that the bucks aren’t rolling-in for Ontario, McGuinty all of a sudden woke up to the fact that Quebec is sucking Ontario dry.

Here’s a news flash for McGuinty and all other Ontarians who’ve been asleep, too selfish and/or too stupid to care: Quebec has been sucking Ontario dry in far more than just one way for generations.

And it should have NEVER been acceptable.

Through our federal taxes, on average, Ontario pays Canada $28 billion per year. Of the $28 billion Ontario pays, Ontario gets back $8 billion. What happens to the other $20 billion?

How much of that goes to Quebec and official bilingualism?

My next editorial will deal with a perfectly bilingual, well-educated French woman who lives in my riding, who thinks that my English tax dollars should be spent to promote her French culture.

If you want to support our campaign to WIN BACK CANADA, and learn what you can do to make a difference, just click on the red link under my signature.

Our first mass mailing went out yesterday and today in one of the districts (North Dundas) of my riding of Stormont, Dundas & South Glengarry. Within a week and a half, every household in the entire riding will receive our mailing.

So far, the response has been FAR MORE ENCOURAGING than I had expected. Generally, the comments I receive can be summed up thusly: It’s about time someone spoke out!

All of this is made possible ONLY with your financial help from wherever you live in Canada. If you want to WIN BACK CANADA and get in the fight, your financial support will make it all happen.

If you send a donation of $10 or more, I will be pleased to mail you a signed 16 page campaign booklet titled TOGETHER: LET’S WIN BACK CANADA!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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