The Loser Philosophy

If you want to know who the losers are in any society, listen to the words of perpetual victims.

I watched the live Press Conference delivered today (April 28, 2000) by Barack Obama’s preacher, mentor, and spiritual guide; the not so Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

He convinced me of several irrefutable truths.

1 – A person with nothing to say, but, whom nonetheless wants to be heard, uses great words and stylish syntax to say much about nothing.

2 – People who live in the past, and roil in the cultural pity of their own making, will forever be consigned and condemned to the pages of humanity’s history book of failures.

His speech was all about Black Liberation Theology. It was about THEM versus US. It was about what happened hundreds of years ago, as if it was happening today.

To listen to Wright, knowing nothing about the truth, you would believe that American Blacks were still being carried across the oceans chained in filthy conditions on slave ships, where much of the human cargo died in transit.

You’d believe that Black Americans were still being bought and sold on the auction block, and every Black person has a duty to throw off the shackles of slavery. And every White American must hold his or her head in shame.

This is the message of losers.

If you want to know who the losers are in any society, listen to the words of perpetual victims. Listen to those who blame everyone else for their misgivings but themselves.

But don’t close the door at Wright and his Black Liberation Theology, because he is just one of many voices leading just one of many cultures which share the philosophy of personal victimization.

We see it everywhere.

We see it as far away as Black Africa, where a rich continent lives in squalor because in their minds it’s the fault of Whites.

We see it in the Middle East, where life would be paradise, if only Jewish Israel ceased to exist.

We see it at home, right here in Canada, where all that is wrong with French Quebec, is the fault of English Canada.

What is most distressing about personal victimization, is that it is a contagious sickness that will sap the lifeblood out of any nation. And WORSE, our media and politicians pander it to.

No one should pander to this national sickness. No one should excuse bad behavior because some culture believes it is a victim, when nothing could be further from he truth.

Jeremiah Wright’s Press Conference did far more to shine a bright light on his kind of malcontent victimology, than it did on the supposed victimizers.

We all have much to learn from the likes of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

As a small C Conservative, I have no time whatsoever for this mentality of personal victimology. I have no time to waste upon people who waste their own time.

I have time only for those who do the best they can by blaming no one but themselves for the things they cannot do.

Jeremiah Wright is the Poster-Boy for who I never want to become.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is one of the most necessary and welcome bit of news, Howard. People like you and this group of freedom fighters are the one great hope in this world today, especially with Islam spreading throughout the world. Obama is part of it; part of the spread, although he probably uses it only politically. We can’t trust anything he says; he hates Israel and Jews and this is obvious. Your group gives hope and is a standard we need. I’m glad this trip was such a success.

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