Canada’s First Language Is French

Harper delivered his opening remarks in French (as he always does), because he cares more about winning Quebec votes, than he does about portraying the reality of Canada.

I watched Mexico’s President Calderon, US President George W Bush and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper deliver their comments about the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) yesterday on FOX News (April 22, 2008).

Calderon who spoke first, spoke in his native Spanish since Spanish is the language of his country. Bush and Harper wore ear buds to hear the translation.

Harper then spoke, but it was in French first. Calderon and Bush wore ear buds to hear the translation.

Bush spoke in English.

Watching the three North American leaders is not what I would call a high ratings performance, since most people in the three countries aren’t all that interested in something as “boring” as NAFTA.

I doubt if the Canadian audience would even measure on a BBM rating. I doubt even more, if any French Quebecers, with the exception of some business professionals and government people even knew there was a NAFTA conference.

So why did Harper deliver the first part of his speech in French without even making the effort to repeat what he said in English?

Why did Harper answer questions in French when they were asked in English?

Harper delivered his opening remarks in French (as he always does), because he cares more about winning Quebec votes, than he does about portraying the reality of Canada.

One has to wonder what the American media think of Canada when its Prime Minister speaks first in French, and then answers English questions in French.

To me, it’s a no-brainer. The American media, and the Americans who were watching this press conference have to come away with the impression that Canada is a predominantly French speaking country.

What else could they think?

I am doing whatever I can to win a seat in Canada, so, if I do nothing else, I can speak on behalf of the more than 97% of non French speakers in Canada (excluding Quebec) who deserve better than what we are getting.

Make no mistake about where I stand. I am NOT anti-French. I fully support the rights of all French speakers in Canada to enjoy the full use of their language in all aspects.


During the past few months, we’ve purchased multiple ads of impressive size in Winchester, Morrisburg, Chesterville and Cornwall newspapers.

These are the main communities in the riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry where I have to win if I want a seat in Parliament as Canada’s INDEPENDENT MP.

We’ve purchased 4 large lit billboards in Cornwall on the busiest streets in the city. These billboards will be up sometime this week, with the message that simply reads:


The billboards will be up for 28 days.

We’ve printed 20,000 four-color card-stock fliers that will be sent via Canada Post to the households where we think we have the best chance of winning votes.

We’ve printed 5,000 campaign booklets (18 pages plus color cover) with our campaign platform that we will distribute through Canada Post. 20,000 more are on order.

We’ve produced hundreds of campaign pins with the same message of WINNING BACK CANADA.

We have produced substantial 4 foot by 8 foot 4 color vinyl banners with the same message that will be used at all of our functions.

And for the “piece de resistance”, we are hosting a tremendous dance on Saturday night May 3, 2008 from 7:00 o’clock till midnight in Morrisburg.

The WIN BACK CANADA dance features the COUNTYMEN with: Gary Rose, Freddy Brass and Jody Marsolais. THEY’RE TERRIFIC!

This will be our kick-off event.

Everyone is welcome. AND ADMISSION IS FREE!

If you had any questions as to how serious I and my campaign committee are of WINNING BACK CANADA, I hope this puts any of your questions to rest.

If you want to come to the dance and have a great time, all you have to do is email me with your name and where you live. And we’ll do our best to hold a seat for you. The hall seats about 200 people.

We can make a difference. We MUST make a difference. But we can only do so with enough like-minded people.

We have sold-out our first run of books, CANADA IS NOT A BILINGUAL COUNTRY. We will have new books within a week.

For those of you who have ordered copies of CANADA IS NOT A BILINGUAL COUNTRY, your books have been mailed yesterday.

I’m getting great reviews on the book, so, if you’d like to get a copy, don’t hesitate, they can be purchased online or via Canada Post. Just click on the link under the image to find out how.

We’ve also sold out all of our ANGRYPHONE DVD’s. I will be receiving a new shipment sometime this week. So, if you would like an ANGRYPHONE DVD, please click on the link under the image to purchase a copy online or via Canada Post.

Every penny of our sales goes directly towards WINNING BACK CANADA! Now that’s an investment.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. So pleased that you had a successful ride in spite of the return trip. Keep well, be safe and NEVER give up. There will always be a few idiots but the majority of us will have your back!

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