Doug Aldridge – Death Of A Mentch

Doug was a consummate pro at what he did, and was a passionate Canadian through and through.

Doug Aldridge died in a traffic accident on Tuesday (April 15, 2008) just West of Perth Ontario.

There is no real explanation how it happened, but all that matters is that he is no longer with us.

Many of you who read Galganov Dot Com will probably recognize his name because I’ve written about him; I’ve been on his Web Radio Show. And I was honored to have him write an article for Galganov Dot Com on April 1, 2008 titled: How Decent Canadians Should Behave.

It was a fabulous article that garnered a great deal of positive response from readers. I suggest, for those of you who have already read it, take a few minutes and read it again.

For those of you who have never read it, treat yourself. You’ll be pleased that you did.

As an introduction to Doug’s article on I wrote:

“I virtually NEVER post the thoughts of others on my editorial page, but for Doug Aldrige, who is in his own rights a tremendous editorialist and clear-headed thinker, I am pleased to welcome him into my inner sanctum.”

Doug was a consummate pro at what he did, and was a passionate Canadian through and through. All in all, he was a real Mentch.

For those of who don’t know the meaning of the word Mentch, it is Yiddish for the embodiment of the finest kind of person.

Douglas Aldridge was such a person – A REAL MENTCH.

During my many years fighting for Rights and against elitist bullies and ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists, I’ve come across many nasty people. But I’ve also come across some of the most wonderful people I could have ever hoped to meet.

Doug Aldridge was one of them.

Even though we had never met face to face, our conversations were as warm and genuine as they could get. It was easy to build a relationship with this man even over the least personal forms of communication, the telephone and the Internet.

People who care about the truth will very much miss the voice and the wit of this well-informed and passionate Canadian. His voice carried considerable influence, since he spoke the truth in a deliberate and measured tone.

He was very much a caring Conservative, like most reasonable Canadians who are not wild-eyed extreme Rightists as the Left like to paint us.

He was a man of considerable social conscience who cut through the nonsense and called it as he saw it.

The other thing about Doug Aldridge is that he didn’t just talk the talk. He wasn’t a radio phony like most of them who make themselves feel so vital and so involved. He actually walked the walk.

He put his money where his mouth was.

I will miss him. And I will not be the only person to do so. To pay tribute to Doug Aldridge, keep banging away at the galoots. Make yourself heard. Don’t be silent. Don’t wait for someone else to do it.

RIP Doug Aldridge of

With Heavy Heart . . . Howard Galganov

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