Where Is Our Direction And Courage?

We’re in trouble because we’ve lost our moral compass and our courage to speak out.

Former US President, Jimmy Carter will be meeting this week with Hamas Terrorist leader Khaled Meshaal in Damascus Syria.

Meshaal is the leader of one of the planet‘s most modern-day prolific Jew-killers. His TERROR group Hamas has declared war not only on Israel, but upon the very fabric of Judaism in the Middle East.

Meshaal wants a FINAL SOLUTION for Middle Eastern Jews. He wants Palestine to be “Jeuden-Frei”.

So, what can America’s most failed modern-day President have to discuss with this Moslem savage?

Carter negotiated with the Iranians who held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days, when the US Embassy was taken by force on November 4, 1979. We saw how well that went.

Upon Reagan winning the US Presidency, Iran didn’t hesitate for a heartbeat to free all of the US hostages.

Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize for what was supposed to be his “successful” negotiations with North Korea over the suspension of their nuclear weapons’ program.

Funny thing though; on the very week Carter was to be presented with his Nobel Peace Prize, North Korea admitted they had lied about suspending their weapons’ program, and had a nuclear bomb.

Carter got the Peace Prize nonetheless.

There is nothing memorable about Carter’s 4 years in office, other than how he emasculated the United States of America while convincing the American people that the USA was a failed country that had to be recreated.

It took a CAN-DO President, Ronald Reagan, to restore American self-confidence and pride.

The only thing that will come from Carter’s sit-down with a world class TERRORIST leader is approbation for Hamas, amongst the many Jew and American haters within the Middle East.

The world has been unbelievably ill served by its leadership. We have become so timid of making hard decisions, that when there is no other choice but to make them, it’s usually too late.

We’ve become so incapable of defining a vision for freedom and individual prosperity, that we’ve accepted guilt for success, and restrictions of freedom of speech in favor of political correctness, even if the restriction of free speech is a self inflicted human rights violation.

We don’t applaud a gesture by Carter to give approbation to TERRORISTS, but neither do we really condemn him.

Our local, national and international values have become so screwed-up, that we are indeed on a ship without a moral compass, sailing in a turbulent sea that at anytime can swamp the Good Ship Humanity.

It doesn’t take a genius to feel the swells beating over the deck of the rudderless vessel, or to see the rocks in the near distance to which the ship is being pushed.

The planet is in serious trouble. There isn’t enough food to go around to feed humanity. It is indeed possible that hundreds of millions of people might starve to death this year.

Africa is so messed-up, that it is nearly impossible to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys.

The Arabs, along with their willing Western and Asian (Russian) accomplices, are raping the West with horrific energy prices that are driving the cost of living beyond the reach of the working poor of North America and Europe.

The world of Islam has in all but name declared war on the West, Modernity, and Democracy. And what are we doing about it?

China is fast becoming the West’s biggest competitor for world power.

The worst case in all of this, is how we as free countries have become so Liberal-minded, that we dare not speak the truth for fear that it will offend someone, painting us as racists.

When a person as vile as Jimmy Carter makes a trip to sit with an enemy of the Free World, a murderer of Jews, and a general defiler of humanity without a hint of outrage from our politicians and our media, it SCREAMS TROUBLE!

We’re in trouble because we lack direction and are governed by cowards and elitists who don’t have a clue.

We’re in trouble because we’ve lost our moral compass and our courage to speak out.

We’re in serious trouble because we lack the leadership with the needed courage to chart a course out of these troubled waters, even if it means sailing through a hurricane.

When it comes time to choosing who you want to speak for you, and whose steady hand you want steering the ship, don’t think about great speeches and platitudes.

Think only about the person whose vision is clear, direct, uncompromising and on course.

We are in very troubled waters, where courage in leadership is the most important component to the character of the person we need in command.

We can’t afford to pick the wrong captain for our Good Ship Humanity. With the wrong captain, we will surely be dashed upon the rocks.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard and Anne, thank you for everything! Sorry about the return weather. That is one record I hope you never break again. I am excited for our future, no matter how difficult it may get, knowing people like you, Anne, and the others I met on the Pledge Ride are at the ready. See you next year!

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