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If the Canadian Human Rights Commission really wants to do something of value, they would monitor Islamic sermons, books and Web based videos and audios.

Ontario’s Human Rights Commission (OHRC) has all of a sudden decided to drop their case against Mark Steyn and Maclean’s Magazine for writing an article the OHRC decided was harmful to Moslems.

The reason given for dropping the case, was that the OHRC has no authority over the written word. Had there been images of any kind against Moslems, like a cartoon of Mohamed, that would have been a different story.

The Ontario Human Rights Chief Commissioner, Barbara Hall, was quite upset with Maclean’s and others, who she intimates are not sensitive to the rights of individuals and groups of whom they write.

A former Canadian Human Rights Commissioner (Max Yalden), wrote yesterday (April 10, 2008) in the National Post, that the rights of individuals and groups not to be abused, are founded in Canada’s Human Rights Act, as well as, and more importantly in the United Nations Human Rights Committee, of which Canada is a signatory.

Our value system is so screwed-up, that the people who share this view of prohibited speech, just can’t seem to get their heads out of the sand or understand that their policies are the first steps to losing all rights.

This former Canadian Human Rights Commissioner who lauded the UN, sort of forgot to mention that Libya’s murderous dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, sat as the head of the UN Human Rights Commission not that long ago in 2003.

Libya is a TERRORIST State that either supports or turns a blind eye to every form of evil we abhor, including the modern and robust slave trade. But that seems to be of little consequence to this Leftist goody-goody two shoes.

If the Canadian Human Rights Commission really wants to do something of value, they would monitor Islamic sermons, books and Web based videos and audios.

It’s no secret that Islamists peddle hatred towards Jews, Israel, the USA, the West and all non-believers with a boundless enthusiasm. So I have to ask just one question:

Have there been any actions taken whatsoever, by any Canadian Human Rights Commission, against the churlish and hateful statements made by Islamists in the name of Islam, against what can only be described as a very identifiable number of groups?

In other times, and in other places, there were other official government groups like Canada’s Human Rights Commissions whose job it was to decide on what type of speech is acceptable, and what type of speech is not.

The Nazis had their free speech censors, as did the Communists. Both of which were convinced that the repression of free speech was what was best for their societies.

Cuba is a free speech suppressor as is China. And both of these despicable nations are absolutely convinced that they are right in guarding against unlimited free speech.

In China, free speech on the Internet is suppressed with the help of search engines such as Google.

In every Arab country, unlimited free speech will get you killed, if you say what the free speech police don’t want to hear. Even, and especially if it’s the truth.

I have far less problems with people who say things that are inflammatory and untrue than I do with bureaucrats who will do whatever they can to suppress the rights of individuals to say their piece.

The ONLY real lines of defense for freedom and democracy is the right to speak, and the right to be heard.

The only group I don’t want to hear from are the suppressors of freedom of speech, namely the Human Rights Commissions and their lame brained Commissioners.

If you think your right to speak and write your thoughts are as important to you as they are to me, don’t be silent. Don’t wait until someone else makes your voluntary silence mandatory.

SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT! And support all the people that do.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,
    There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about you, Anne, and Stryker. Am happy to hear the ride was a success but also that your home safe and sound. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Think the world of all of you

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