Death By Political Correctness

Our Western Global Community is committing suicide though political correctne

Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski is not a household name, but she could be a poster girl for political correctness gone insane in the USA.

This past weekend, Ramirez-Sliwinski called two children monkeys, who were playing in a tree on her neighbor’s property. Her concern was for the safety of the children.

The mother of one of these children who was told that Ramirez-Sliwinski called the tree players monkeys, was so offended by that remark, that she reported her to the authorities, who then gave Ramirez-Sliwinski a $75 fine for disorderly conduct?

You should know that the children who were playing in the tree were Black.

As I was growing up, like most children, I too liked to climb trees. And like most children who climbed and played in trees, I heard my parents tell me that I looked like a monkey as I hung on or sat upon a branch, because that’s what monkeys do.

And just like Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski, my parents and other adults who happened to be around while I did my monkey routine warned me to be careful.

Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski is also a Hispanic delegate for Barack Obama, who, as a result of this non issue was asked to resign as Obama’s delegate by the Obama Nominating Committee.

If minorities are that hyper-sensitive, I would prefer they stay away from me. I would prefer they not work for me. And I would prefer they live within their own bubble.

Anne and I operate our businesses from a separate home office, from where we manage our national advertising agency and equestrian center. Our employees come to our home to work.

In Canada, like the USA, political correctness has gone nuts.

As an employer, I am not allowed to ask any questions that could be construed to be at all personal.

Do you drink? Take drugs? Have children? Intend to have children? Have any debilitating diseases? What do you like to do when you’re not working?

According to the government, none of that is my business. So I can’t really know much about the person I am entrusting with my business, and who I am bringing into my home.

If I comment on the attire of one of my female employees such as: You look really nice in that dress. This can be twisted as sexual harassment.

I don’t want to walk in our society as if I’m barefoot, walking on shards of glass because of racial, language, gender and cultural hypersensitivity. But that’s what it’s come to.

I just read about some kindergarten students in the USA (little boys), who’ve been sent home from kindergarten just for touching girls. Not necessarily inappropriately, just for touching. How sick is that?

In Canada, we have this obscenity called the Human Rights Commissions, whose only purpose it seems, is to make the entire country so politically correct, that any form of Free Speech that offends someone is actionable against the Free Speaker. Even if what the speaker said was true.

At what point do we say enough?

Our Western Global Community is committing suicide though political correctness. We have been so intimidated by the Left, who want to control the way we think, speak and behave, that we are indeed killing ourselves.

Even Radio talk-shows in Canada: You tell me where a radio talk show host REALLY says it like it is, and takes on all comers? I did. And as a result, I’m off the air, even though my radio show was incredibly popular.

There are no shortages of on-air windbags, but how many really get in the back alleys and swing as though they really mean it? Where are the two fisted print editorialists who come right out and say it like it is?

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn have, and now they’re swinging with sledgehammers at the politically correct police (Human Rights Commissions) for all they’re worth. But they are amongst the very few.

If I’m fortunate enough to win a seat in Parliament as an INDEPENDENT member, this is a sickness I will do whatever I can to undo.

We need a voice. A REAL voice, that won’t be intimidated and silenced by political correctness and the bully tactics of the Left. We need to put an end to this nonsense before this nonsense puts an end to us.

I thank the people who have already purchased my latest book CANADA IS NOT A BILINGUAL COUNTRY, which is a combination of my platform and the ills that are hurting this country.

I should have the books delivered to me (hot off the press) by the beginning of next week. The moment they arrive, I will sign your copies and send them out.

If you would like to purchase a signed copy, just click on the link under the book description.

If you think my campaign to WIN BACK CANADA is restricted to this Web Site, you will be happy to know that by the end of April we are launching a very significant advertising campaign in my riding of Stormont, Dundas & South Glengarry.

We are also planning several old-fashioned campaign rallies with a great band and speeches that tell it like it is. I’ll keep you informed.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I salute you and Anne for your strength and courage in the fight for freedom, it is definitely worth it. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, G-d bless you both.

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