Quebec’s Failure Is Our Financial Burden

What Menard totally ignores is the ONLY reason for Quebec’s financial perdition.

In today’s National Post (April 3, 2008), one of the editorial headlines reads:


The author of this editorial is L Jacques Menard, who happens to be the President of BMO (Bank of Montreal Group) Quebec, Chairman of BMO Nesbitt Burns, and author of a book on the challenges facing Quebec.

From his credentials, this guy appears to be no slouch.

In his editorial, he writes that Quebec’s economy is in serious trouble. And if Quebec were a country, it would rank amongst the top 5 most indebted countries in the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development).

According to Menard, Quebec’s debt costs Quebec’s taxpayers $7 BILLION dollars per year in interest and service charges alone. I won’t bother writing what the consequences are of this financial calamity, since I’m sure you can figure it out for yourself.

But, what I will write about is how this masterful banker perceives Quebec, the problem, and the solution.

In his article, Menard mentions Quebec AND Canada 4 times, as if they are indeed two separate countries.

He mentions Quebec and the REST OF Canada twice.

What does that say about Quebec AND Canada, when a super high profile banker like Menard sees Quebec as a part of, and a part separate from Canada in the same article?

He suggests a whole host of reasons for Quebec’s financial debacle: Low productivity, bad education (25% of Quebecers drop out of high school), taxes too high, tuition fees too low, no competitive desire – etc.

His remedy is to reverse the preceding.

But, here is where someone like me, who has personal knowledge of Quebec, can look at what Menard has written, and see why he is as much a part of the problem as are his pre-listed reasons.

Menard sees Quebec as separate from Canada, and as a part of Canada in the same article: almost in the same sentences. Either Quebec is a part of Canada, or Quebec is not.

Even Quebec can’t suck and blow at the same time.

He bemoans the 25% high school drop out rate, but doesn’t mention that the dropout rate amongst French speakers is much higher than the average he quotes, since most English speaking students in Quebec actually do graduate from high school.

He never once mentioned the FACT that Quebec’s brightest, most skilled and talented amongst the English and Ethnic communities leave Quebec for other parts of Canada and North America, where their language isn’t illegal and opportunities abound.

Menard mentions Quebec’s low birth rate.

But, he never once mentioned Bill 101, and the horrific effect it has had, and continues to have on the growth of population, which every jurisdiction needs to maintain itself.

And that Quebec seems to attract the least productive immigrants.

Here’s a man entrusted to run one of Canada’s BIGGEST financial institutions, who is absolutely blinded to the effects of ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism, and the disaster it has brought to Quebec.

What Menard totally ignores is the ONLY reason for Quebec’s financial perdition:

Quebec is an anti-English province that would sooner wipe out any semblance of the entire visibility of the English language and English history, than embrace the only people who could bring Quebec back to financial health.

Everything Menard wrote is anecdotal. They are only symptoms of the real disease, which is a visceral disdain amongst the elitists of French Quebec, towards anything and all things English.

Quebec is in serious financial trouble of its own making. But that’s their problem, or should be their problem. But it shouldn’t be my problem.

I can find no sympathy for Quebec, since Quebec had no sympathy for the million plus English speakers and Ethnics, from whom they’ve stripped their equal rights, visibility and pride.

Quebec has become a bottomless money pit, into which the rest of Canada must keep pouring our hard earned tax dollars, just so Quebec can survive.

And as we pour in HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars into their bottomless pit, they keep shouting and threatening for more.

It’s got to end.

Menard is absolutely right. Quebec is a financial mess. But he is absolutely off the mark for the real reason why.

If you are fed up with financing ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists, and would like to see Parliament focus more on Canada and far less on Quebec, click on the red link under my signature to read how you can get involved and help make a difference.

A lot of people are starting to pay attention to what’s happening vis a vis Quebec, Canada, and Official Bilingualism. A lot of people are visiting this Web Site and contacting me as a result.

Yesterday (March 2, 2008), the Cornwall Standard Freeholder Newspaper featured me on their front page (photo and all) with an excellent story on my entry into the political fray as an Independent Candidate.

They didn’t endorse me. But they did tell it like it is. And that’s more than enough!

Remember: Together – LET’S WIN BACK CANADA.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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