Democratic + Party = Oxymoron

When elitists place themselves above the Democratic will of the people, there is no true democracy. There is only a pretense of free choice.

What is happening to the Democratic Party in the United States of America is a fabulous lesson no true Democracy should ignore, especially a country that is small in population like Canada.

American Democratic Party supporters are wringing their hands in despair over the fight for the nomination between Clinton and Obama.

Party leaders are taking sides, some of whom have outwardly called for Clinton to step down, while others suggest she should continue.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, wants Clinton out of the contest before the battle tears the Democratic Party apart, and has called upon the Super Delegates to vote en masse for Obama.

Dean, the leader of the Democratic Party seems to be the captain of a battered boat without a rudder, as he keeps turning it in circles, not knowing in which direction to head the Good Ship Democrat.

Blame for this mess is flying in all directions – from all directions.

Some of the Democrats blame Hillary Clinton for not quitting, even though she’s not that far behind Obama in the popular vote or delegate count.

Some are blaming Michigan and Florida for jumping the primary gun.

There’s so much blame going around that this has become the focus of the Democratic Party campaign, far more than the messages of the candidates, and how they will lead the country if given the opportunity.


The blame for this incredible fiasco belongs exclusively to the elitist Democratic Party and it’s members who allowed Democracy to be stolen from their midst.

In their sick LEFTIST mindset, someone in the Democratic Party came up with the idea a while back, that “certain” members of the Party, about 800 in all, are more EQUAL than others. And they will be unelected Super Delegates.

Deservedly, this elitist affront to the will of the “ordinary” Party member is coming back to bite them in the ass. Big-time.

When elitists place themselves above the Democratic will of the people, there is no true democracy. There is only a pretense of free choice.

The original thought-process that led to Super Delegates amongst the Democrats, was based upon the belief that the people must be protected from themselves, in the event that the “ordinary” people would choose someone as their candidate, who was not up to the elitists’ standards.

On the other hand, the Republicans demonstrate the true vision of Democracy, as was envisioned by the Founding Fathers and Constitutional Framers.

They run their primaries in such a fashion, that it is the people who will decide who will be their leader in a clear-cut demonstration of free majority will.

In true democratic fashion, the first Republican contender to receive the majority of votes wins, dictating a very simple Democratic principle.


Contrary to this principle of one-person one vote, where all the votes count, the Democrats will not have a winner until the selected elitist Super Delegates have spoken.

This is not Democracy.

If there was no other reason NOT to vote for any candidate from the Democratic Party, their convoluted elitist view of Democracy is reason enough.

All countries, including, and perhaps especially Canada, should take notice of this disaster. If the will of the people is denied based upon the elitist views of a few, our Canadian system, just like the Democratic Party, will be torn apart.

In Canadian politics, we are witnessing this everyday, where the will of a few who wish to impose their will over the will of the majority, will tear this country apart.

It has just been made public that Prime Minister Stephen Harper, if he wins a majority of candidates in the next federal election, will give to the ethnocentric province of Quebec, rights no other Canadian province would have, or should have.

In spite of vast majority opinion, and the will of the people outside of Quebec, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will, if given the chance, give Quebec more teeth to the Nation status he has already bestowed upon them.

That more than 97% of the Canadian population outside of Quebec is not French, seems to be lost on Stephen Harper, just like the Democratic Party elitist attitude has been lost on their leadership.

The last time a Conservative leader tried to sell-out the majority of Canada’s English speaking population, for the purpose of winning votes in Quebec, it destroyed the Party from the outside-in, and the inside-out.

Harper would do very well taking a lesson from the political suicide we see happening across the border to our South.

If you think this move to buy Quebec votes at the cost of Canada’s English majority is acceptable, you would do well reading someone else’s Blog.

But, if you are as upset with this sell-out as I am, you might want to do something about it.

And here’s what you can do:

Click on the red link just under my signature and learn how you can help, get involved and make a difference.

Remember – Together: WE CAN WIN BACK CANADA.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Not being of any denomination leaves me out of most followings. But if I were to follow, it would be with people such as yourself standing on the high ground. Israel is at the forefront of the hatred of the world, and we of other followings are in grave danger as well. ISIS is determined to destroy all who do not accept their ways, even their own. Obama and his liberal minions seem to think they can appease these idiots. Lots of luck. You have had evidence in Canada. Here as well. Thanks Howard.

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