How Decent Canadians Should Behave

Decent Canadian politicians don’t aid and abet known terrorist murderers such as “Daddy” Khadr, for political gain.

I virtually NEVER post the thoughts of others on my editorial page, but for Doug Aldrige, who is in his own rights a tremendous editorialist and clear-headed thinker, I am pleased to welcome him into my inner sanctum.

The following is Doug Aldrige’s take on Omar Khadr, Canada’s very own TERRORIST, and how some within Canada want to cut Khadr some slack.


That Omar Khadr and his family are Canadians, is an insult to decent Canadians from ALL segments of society.

Decent Canadian citizens don’t sneak away to join bands of foreign fanatics for the express purpose of killing people who are our friends and allies.

Decent Canadians don’t cheer on the foreign fanatics when they massacre other Canadians as they did on 9/11.

Decent Canadians don’t show up in court as cheerleaders, to support the treasonous, home-grown, would-be-terrorists, inspired by the foreign fanatics who pose as spiritual leaders in order to get into this country.

Decent Canadian politicians don’t aid and abet known terrorist murderers such as “Daddy” Khadr, for political gain. Nor do they roll out the red carpet and waive Medicare wait times for known terrorists because they know it will mean unconditional voter support from those whose loyalty to Canada is at best, doubtful.

Decent Canadians don’t put the reputation of their fellows into disrepute by celebrating the deaths of our own soldiers and those of our blood allies, fighting to rid us of the foreign fanatics.

Decent Canadians don’t put our economy and therefore the lives of their fellows in jeopardy by putting their political ideologies, jealousies and bitterness ahead of the welfare of their fellows.

Decent Canadian politicians should level with us, admit the social engineering project to turn Canada into a non-aligned, third-world wannabe country has been a total failure, leaving a fragmented, confused and increasingly polarized people.

Decent Canadians should hope that Omar Khadr, if convicted of murdering an army medic, in an American court, receive the full measure of justice offered him by the Americans, and to reject out of hand the politically correct whiners and whingers who will undoubtedly whine and whinge.

Decent Canadians should be prepared to be called names by the political correctoids, and in turn tell them to shove it up their rectoid.

Decent Canadian politicians should begin drafting laws to remove the right of Canada to foreign fanatics and criminals. Lets’ start by booting out those who spit on the oath of allegiance they took when they became citizens of this country.

Decent Canadians should demonstrate their support to those politicians who have the guts to put such legislation forward.

Decent Canadians should feel ashamed they have allowed politicians to devalue their birthright and Citizenship by allowing the likes of the Khadrs to gain and then abuse the right of that citizenship.

And if that sounds harsh – it was meant to.

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  1. Howard…You can disagree, and discuss the policies of the present Israeli government, without being an Anti-Semite, or a non supporter of Israel. Not every action or policy of the Israeli government, is written in stone. Criticism is healthy. Criticism supports and makes change.

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