72 years Later, And We’ve Learned Nothing.

The mealy-mouthed excuses and reasons for bringing the Games to Nazi Germany included the usual Leftist dribble.

It amazes me how much history we either forget, we never knew, or we choose to ignore.

In 1936, through the Olympics, the world went to Berlin for the exclusive purpose of showcasing Nazi Germany. Well, that’s not exactly how it was supposed to be. But that’s how it was nonetheless.

There was never any doubt about Adolf Hitler, his Nazi followers, or his Mein Kampf blueprint for his New World Order. The world knew who and what Hitler and Nazi Germany were all about.

In 1935, Adolf Hitler’s Germany passed the now infamous Nuremburg Laws, which stripped away the rights of all German Jews, to the point where their German citizenship was revoked.

More than just what Hitler’s Germany had done to Jews, it was also doing to the mentally handicapped, Gypsies, trade unionists and all others who Hitler found not be to his liking, or to the image he wanted to see exclusively for his Aryan Race.

The mealy-mouthed excuses and reasons for bringing the Games to Nazi Germany included the usual Leftist dribble: Build bridges. Open dialogue. Spread world goodwill. You get the picture.

Hitler’s Olympic Games was his crowning propaganda achievement.

He couldn’t care less what the world thought of him and his country, since his 1936 Olympics were created exclusively for him to show his countrymen how superior they were to the rest of the world.

Hitler’s Olympics were absolutely successful in their purpose, which was to give the German people full approbation for the course he was leading them.

2 years after the Olympics:

Hitler’s Nazis marched into Austria (Anschluss, March 1938) proclaiming the annexation of Austria to Germany.

In September 1938, Hitler created the conditions at the Munich Conference that forced cowardly leaders, Chamberlain of Britain, and Dalladier of France to surrender Sudentland from Czechoslovakia to Hitler’s Germany.

In September of 1939, Hitler invaded Poland triggering World War II.

That Hitler was a madman was no secret to the world community. That the world community was comprised of political cowards was no secret to Hitler.

When the world had the chance to stand up to this bully, instead of shunning him and his as pariahs in the name of the Olympic Games, the world chose the coward’s path and gave him a podium of respectability.

The rest is history.

72 years have passed since Hitler’s Olympics, and once again we are faced with an Olympic venue in a country that has no right to be accepted amongst the realm of decent nations.

China is a billion person prison, where people are not free to speak, debate or transmit their thoughts. Where slave and prison labor reigns supreme, where human body parts are bought and sold. And that’s just the tip of it.

China is a world threat that cares nothing for human rights or the rights of sovereign nations. Yet, here we go again.

I cannot imagine the bravery those Tibetans have displayed, standing up to the most horrific armed force on the planet. Just as I can’t imagine what went through the minds of the equally brave men and women who stared the Chinese army down at Tiananmen Square.

I also can’t imagine what went through the minds of the members of the Olympic Organizing Committee when they chose China. But I guess there’s no understanding for greed.

But in every cloud there could be a silver lining. In this cloud, the lining could, and should be boycott.

Anything less is approbation for 1936.

It’s as simple as that.

When wondering whether or not you will support my candidacy to win a seat in Parliament as your INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE when the writ is finally dropped, think about where you stand on the China Olympics, and where the political Parties stand.

You know where I stand. I will ALWAYS stand publicly on the side of what’s right.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. The leftists will simply lie down and let the Arabs roll over them. Very sad. Howard thank goodness you tell it the way it really is and don’t back down from the Liberal liars. I always look forward to your Articles, and totally agree with those about the RACIST Obama, and his RACIST Administration.

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