Truth In Politics And The Media

Lord’s lie is to create a truth where no such truth exists.

Since my last editorial (march 24, 2008), a great deal has happened.

Hillary Clinton was caught lying about her experience as First Lady in Bosnia, when she and daughter Chelsea visited.

Her rendition of what happened when she and Chelsea got off the plane, was that they had to run for their lives to duck sniper fire, when nothing could have been further from the truth.

Since she was outed, she now claims that she misspoke. What does misspoke mean?

Obama first said that he never “personally” heard his Pastor make the horrific anti-White, anti-American and ant-Semitic comments. But, in his now famous Philadelphia speech, he changed his mind and said that he did.

These two unrelated events give Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama a unique commonality. Both of them have been exposed as liars.

But you don’t have to be such an obvious liar to lie.

Quebec born, Former New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord, in lockstep with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, have discerned from a lengthy, expensive and supposedly comprehensive study conducted by Lord, that Canada needs to invest more tax dollars in Official Bilingualism.


Bernard Lord interviewed French Rights groups throughout Canada, and one English group, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN), that is financed by the federal government, and is notorious for being French language apologists and appeasers.

As far as Lord is concerned, there is a general consensus across Canada, that Canadians want more promotion for Official Bilingualism at a cost of more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

What did Lord expect to hear from French speakers outside of Quebec, and a bought and paid for group of Anglo sell-outs within Quebec?

Sure they want more French outside of Quebec. If you were French speaking outside of Quebec, and Official Bilingualism meant you had a lock on the best civil service jobs and promotions in the military, amongst other things, wouldn’t you support MORE Official Bilingualism?

But there’s far more than just an enormous and unfair advantage for jobs and promotions. With Official Bilingualism, comes untold millions of dollars for French infrastructure, in the way of education, cultural, social, and community centers. The list is near endless.

As for the Anglo QCGN sell-outs: If you were they, and the federal government was your pork-barrel, how much would you be willing to support the things they support?

In many ways, the Bernard Lord lie is far more dishonest than the Clinton/Obama lies, in as much as their lies were personal. They lied to embellish and protect.

Lord’s lie is to create a truth where no such truth exists.

Had he interviewed the English speaking communities outside of Quebec, since the number of NON French speakers is greater than 97%, and had he asked the Anglo community what they thought of the merits of Official Bilingualism, and if the Anglos believed Canada should spend even more money, more than a BILLION DOLLARS on it, he would have had a far more honest and representative answer.

Interestingly, virtually all of the BILLION and more dollars to promote this sham, will be coming from the English speaking communities Lord sort of neglected to consult.

Bernard Lord didn’t go to the more than 97% of Canadians who are not French speakers outside of Quebec, because he knew that their answer would have been a resounding no.

Instead, Bernard Lord fixed the outcome by going to the people he knew would be supportive.

To compound this lie, is an acquiescent accomplice in the name of the media.

I’ve read a great many reports in various newspapers that have ranged from being supportive, to being somewhat skeptical. But I have yet to read anything in the mainstream media that says enough is enough.

I haven’t heard anything about it on radio or television that screams no to more money being thrown down the Official Bilingualism sinkhole.


If you want to end this type of lying by those who want to continue a charade, that has already cost us as much as A TRILLION DOLLARS, and countless opportunities lost, that’s your business.

But, if you want to end this nonsense – that’s all of our business.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Time after time when Israel was ordered to WIPE-OUT an “entire nation” it was to do so in cleansing that nation off the world and it’s after-effect’s of it’s sin-staunch-society. Literally cleaning the counter with ‘bleach’. Than and only then is that area safe to be use, and live-in. Islam needs to be bleached out of society, PERIOD!!!!!

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