The Obama Factor Isn’t Just American

The voters in both of our countries are not that much different. They refuse to see the truth, and even if they do see what is true, and what is a sham, it makes no difference to them.

Yesterday (March 20, 2008), I wrote about Barack Obama, drawing a connection between what’s happening with him in the USA, to Canada’s political scene.

We in Canada don’t have a super charismatic empty vessel like Barack Obama. But what we do have, are the same type of voters who would nonetheless be as stupid as Obama’s supporters, who are just as eager to close their eyes to reality, as they buy an empty bag filled with empty promises.

We have the same electorate who are absolutely convinced that they know best, when in fact, they know very little if anything at all.

Our two societies are very similar when it comes to our majorities being apologetic for everything. We are like-minded in our mutual belief that we should feel guilty and responsible for our individual and cultural successes.

If the Whites in the USA are successful, there are those who claim that they’ve made their success on the backs of the Black community. If the Blacks are a failed community, to the same apologists, it’s the fault of the Whites.

In Canada – just juxtapose French for Black and English for White.

When I stand before a crowd of people, and say for all to hear, that all I want is to be equal and visible anywhere in the country where I live, including Quebec, I am branded a racist, an extremist, a hardliner and an Angryphone.

When someone like me stands against French segregation, in as much as French ONLY healthcare clinics, French ONLY school busses, and French ONLY language laws, I’m branded a provocateur.

When French ONLY advocates defend French segregation, in the eyes of Canada’s Leftists, they are upstanding people within their community doing what must be done to protect their culture.

AND IT’S OUR DUTY AND OBLIGATION TO HELP THEM DO IT, even if it is at our own English-speaking expense.

The voters in both of our countries are not that much different. They refuse to see the truth, and even if they do see what is true, and what is a sham, it makes no difference to them.

Michael Moore is a liar. He is a total fraud and a phony. But still, he won an Academy Award for a documentary that was no documentary at all. It was his own opinion piece.

Al Gore is also a liar, a hypocrite and a manipulator. And he won a Nobel Peace Prize and an Academy Award for promoting an outright distortion.

To the Leftists, it doesn’t matter. It’s not what is true about Obama, Moore or Gore. It is ONLY about what they want to believe is true.

I believe no single person can lead a people in a direction the people are not willing to follow.

It’s not so much that Barack Obama is directing the people in the USA, as much as the people want Barack to head them in a direction they want to travel.

Even if he is a racist, or a supporter of a racist, to the people who found their mesmerizing champion, it makes no difference, since he will bring them where they want to go.

In Canada, there is no Barack Obama, but there are no shortage of politicians who are willing to accede to the will of a vocal and militant people who insist on traveling in a specific direction, regardless of the truth.

As long as the silent, disinterested, misinformed and disconnected majority allow their politicians to be intimidated by a vocal and intimidating minority, the wrong people will always hold sway.

Even though claims made by Canada’s French minority are empty and irrelevant to all of Canada (excluding Quebec), we Canadians in English speaking communities throughout the country feel guilt and shame for our successes and majority status.

We have bought into the big lie that Canada is a Bilingual country, and that for some reason we are responsible for the failings of Canada’s French community within Quebec.

We translate our majority-guilt into accepting policies that openly and detrimentally discriminate against our English speaking selves, at the cost of civil service jobs, efficient management and opportunities.

This is the same mindset that carries the likes of Obama upon a wave of unfounded enthusiasm.

To illustrate how perverse this mindset is in Canada, our English media, specifically in Montreal, side with language moderates who make no demands for equal rights, equal visibility and equal opportunities.

In essence, our moderates are nothing more and nothing less than appeasers who work hard to build bridges to accommodate those who have taken away their rights.

The Montreal Gazette is the poster boy for a Quisling media. It has embraced “moderation”, while spending all of its other efforts demeaning those who demand equality.

And what have they gained for their efforts to sell-out their linguistic constituents other than derision? Nothing. But they’re still at it.

This is a mountain I will have to climb if I hope to win a seat as an Independent Member of Parliament. It won’t be easy.

If you want to help us scale this mountain and do what we can to make a difference, please click on the Red Link under my signature.

I also want to let you know that we already sent a ton of ANGRYPHONE DVD’s to people who have ordered them, and as of yesterday, I’ve received a new shipment for those who still want a copy.

If you never read another word, or see a video on what brought this ethnocentric Quebecois malaise to the point where we are today, you’ve got to see Jimmy K’s incredible documentary. It’s only $25 everything in.

Remember: Together – LET’S WIN BACK CANADA!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Are you amazed that Christians support Israel, way more than do the Jewish community does?

    We as Christians go by Genesis 12:3: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee……..”. This is speaking about Abram, whose name was changed to Abraham. Now it follows, Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren;. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel by the Almighty. So it’s obvious why we support the Jews and Israel, and always will,

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