There Is A Racist In The Race To Win The Presidency

The Obamas are racists not just by with whom they associate, but more so, by what they have said, and by what they have not said.

I have to write about Barack Obama just because I have to.

I know that I should be focusing more writing time on my campaign to win an INDEPENDENT SEAT in Parliament, but the Obama story is just too compelling to ignore.

The Obama drama also has pertinence to what I have to deal with in the upcoming Canadian federal election which I will further explain in my next editorial.

First, I have to write about the media reaction concerning the big speech Obama gave the other day (March 18, 2008) in Philadelphia.

Whether you tuned into FOX, CNN or any of the other News providers, the critique of the style of his speech, not the substance, has been unanimous.

The general consensus amongst the media is that it was magnificent.

To me, this says much that is not flattering about the media.

Any television or movie star could have delivered as good a speech or better. But the people of America are not being asked to vote for a television or movie performer.

If you like watching Boston Legal, as I do, you hear unbelievably well crafted and impassioned speeches on every episode, as attorney “Allan Shore” dazzles the court with his sensational mastery of oratorical skills.

But we don’t take it seriously, since it’s all make-believe. Just like Obama’s speech.

Obama READ from a very well written and highly crafted script, which I’m certain professional writers had a hand in creating. Just like the actors.

Let’s look at what he said. And what he didn’t say in his speech.

He didn’t say his Pastor is a racist, bigot and inciter. Which he is.

He didn’t say that he would quit this church that spews racism and hatred.

He didn’t say I’m sorry.

He didn’t say that he ever confronted the racist Reverend Wright.

He didn’t say that he ever got up during a racist sermon and walked out the door.

He didn’t say that he ever challenged the anti-White, anti-Semitic and anti-American views of Reverend Wright in front of the congregation or anywhere else.


He did say that his White grandmother, who raised him, was a White racist.

He said that Reverend Wright said things that Ministers, Priests and Rabbis have said in their sermons. In my religious days, I attended Synagogue on the Jewish Sabbath for years, and I never heard any Rabbi speak anything like that.

I’ve also been to Protestant and Catholic services where I heard their sermons, and like the Rabbis I’ve heard, their sermons were nothing like the race baiting of Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s Pastor, mentor and spiritual guide.

Obama talked about the need to build bridges and tear down walls.

Whose walls does he want to tear down? And what bridges have to be built that don’t already exist?

He didn’t address Jeremiah Wright’s speeches that called Israel a dirty word.

He didn’t condemn Wright’s visit with America’s worst anti-White and anti-Semite, Moslem leader Louis Farrakhan, to meet with the like-minded leader of Libya, the TERRORIST sponsor Qaddafi.

It was all a very well crafted, and incredibly polished Obama speech that delivered meaningless platitudes. As usual.

He didn’t explain Wright’s speech that said God Damn America. Or how White Americans created AIDS to wipeout people of color. He didn’t deal with the message that White Americans through government agencies sell drugs to Blacks in order to destroy the Black culture. He also didn’t make any mention of the fact that America had 9/11 coming to them, and somehow Israel was responsible.

He didn’t even mention that Wright attacked fellow Blacks like Oprah, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Golf sensation Tiger Woods for their success. He likened them to Uncle Toms.

There’s a lot Obama didn’t say.

He did say a week prior to his speech, that he NEVER directly heard any of these horrible comments made by his Pastor Wright.

But in his Philadelphia speech, he said he had DIRECTLY heard these racist anti-American utterances by Jeremiah Write while he was sitting in the pews.

This completely explains his wife’s two remarkable comments about the USA.

First, when she said: “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country”. I guess she isn’t proud that the USA defeated Communism freeing billions of people from the hold and threat of tyranny.

She’s not proud of the TRILLIONS of dollars America has spent helping the world in every way imaginable. She’s not proud of America’s stunning discoveries and inventions dealing with everything from the Internet and computers to health and welfare.

More recently she said: “America is just downright mean”. America is in fact amongst the most compassionate of countries on this planet.

She was simply speaking her truth as she supports it, even though she and her husband have been blessed by being Black people in modern day America, where they both attended the finest schools and universities, earn about a half million dollars a year between them, and hold prestigious jobs in “White” America.

Barack Obama has campaigned relentlessly on a platform not to make this election about race. But it is. And in my opinion, Barack Obama and his embarrassing wife Michelle, are both racists.

The Obamas are racists not just by with whom they associate, but more so, by what they have said, and by what they have not said. I hope Oprah and the Leftist kiss ass Liberals who gave them, and continue to give them their unconditional support are proud.

The pity of all of this in a Canadian perspective, is that we have our own voting population who are also too stupid, or too committed to political correctness to see through the fog.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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