Quebec Has Reason To Be Worried

Quebec is getting the message. And they are more concerned than just somewhat. And they should be.

There is a headline in Today’s National Post Editorial Section that reads:


The context of the editorial, is that federalism wins because Pauline Marios, leader of the Separatist Parti Quebecois has moved to take away a promise of having a referendum on Quebec separating from Canada, as part of their Party platform within their mandate if they were to win office.

The editorial decision makers of the National Post who wrote this story and approved the headline are full of it.

They’re full of it, because federalism has nothing whatsoever to do with Marois’ decision to take an automatic referendum off the table, as much as the reality, is that most Quebecers recognize Canada as their cash-cow.

Federalism has nothing to do with it. NOTHING WHATSOEVER!

Money. More specifically, English money has everything to do with it. Ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists love Quebec first and foremost. To them, Canada doesn’t even rate.

For the National Post to write about a victory for federalism, is just one more example of promoting the big lie. Marios, Charest and Dumont are all smart enough to see the building anger against Quebec amongst English speaking Canadians.

They know, that without their Canadian cash-cow, they are as done as cold poutine.

It’s interesting how French Quebecers like Andre Pratt of La Presse Newspaper, are all of a sudden seeking out English speaking Quislings like Jack Jedwab, former head of the Quebec office of the Canadian Jewish Congress, to participate in studies to figure out how to reenergize what’s left of Montreal’s English speaking community.

It is even more interesting to hear Mario Dumont calling for Quebecers who’ve left Quebec to come back. I assume he means the half million or so English Quebecers.

There is no mystery in all of this. Quebec is broke. It is so broke, that all Quebec needs to do now is seek out a bankruptcy Trustee who can put all of it’s indebtedness on the table.

Quebec does not need Canada. Quebec needs Canada’s money, and like the dutiful idiots we are, we will once again embrace yet another “new relationship” with Quebec as we write the check, that is, unless the outrage from the rest of Canada puts some fear into Harper.

Ontario is on the brink of financial disaster for a multitude of reasons. I’ll list the ones that are the most striking to me.

1 – Dalton McGuinty, Ontario’s Premier is an idiot. He knows nothing about running a business and less about the needs of business.

McGuinty has totally ignored Ontario’s vital business infrastructure needs and has raised taxes to the point where it has become too expensive for businesses to operate in Ontario. Consequently, we see the effects on the Auto Industry. We also see Ontario companies closing down, downsizing and moving away.

What we can’t see though, are the companies that are opening and expanding elsewhere, which might have opened or expanded in Ontario if the business climate was different.

2 – McGuinty has decided to make Ontario’s Official Bilingualism a top priority; to the extent that current forced bilingualism laws are keeping Ontario’s best and brightest from entering Ontario’s civil service. Under the new rules, English-speaking Canadians simply do not qualify regardless of their expertise and competence.

I could understand this need to officially bilingualize Ontario if there were a significant number of French speakers in Ontario: BUT THERE ARE NOT.

McGuinty and other schmucks just like him are turning Ontario on its ear to accommodate at maximum, just 4% of its ENTIRE population.

3 – While McGuinty is running around playing the role of Pierre Elliott Trudeau without the flower in his lapel, Ottawa is giving a huge chunk of Ontario’s federal tax dollars to Quebec.

Here’s where the gravy train starts to end for Quebec, and why Quebec is worried.

Ontario is broke and desperately needs to keep its own money from becoming destitute. British Columbia has just recently (over the last 7 years) become a have-province once again, and is in no mood to write checks to Quebec or anyone else. And Alberta, with all the money they have, they see little to no reason why they should become Quebec’s Santa Clause.

The Rest of Canada is getting by with no money available to prop-up Quebec’s insatiable financial appetite. As a matter of fact, much of the rest of Canada have their hands out too.

There’s another problem for Quebec. While Harper is stuffing money into this ethnocentric bottomless pit, Quebec’s single largest corporate star, Bombardier, is making plans to assemble their new commercial plane in the USA.

And to add insult onto misery, Bombardier has also announced the opening of new manufacturing facilities in Mexico. But Bombardier isn’t the only Quebec based company to be looking elsewhere other than the Nation of Quebec for expansion.

The following are interesting indicators of Quebec’s appeal, or rather the lack thereof:

Loews: America’s mega building stores, has opened 7 outlets in and around greater Toronto. So far I haven’t seen one in Quebec.

I love to shop for clothing at Eddie Bauer stores which you will find everywhere in North America, with the exception of Quebec.

Canada-wide Kelsey’s bar and restaurant chain just closed its doors in Quebec, letting more than 400 people go.


Wherever I turn in Eastern Ontario, amongst English speakers, and some French speakers too, I get the same response vis a vis Quebec and Official Bilingualism. Screw Quebec and screw Official Bilingualism.

Resentment for Quebec and Official Bilingualism has quietly been growing for years. People have been too politically correct to say what they have really been thinking. And no one wants to be branded anti-Quebec or worse, anti-French. But that’s rapidly changing.

The response I have received from my initial radio and print campaign in Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry has been unbelievable. People who recognize me, have offered their support without solicitation.

Quebec is getting the message. And they are more concerned than just somewhat. And they should be.

Yesterday, I met with Elizabeth (Beth) Trudeau who has agreed to become my Campaign Coordinator. Kim McConnell of the Language Fairness Group has agreed to become Head of my Fund Raising Committee. And Jurgen Volrath has agreed to become the Head of my Telephone Campaign Committee.

There will be several other announcements naming people who will head other Committees such as Signs and Door-to-Door Canvassing.

People from all parts of Canada have offered to help. Supporters in Vancouver want to make phone calls on my behalf. People in the Maritimes have sent checks in support of Galganov Dot Com Inc.


If our campaign team pulls this off and gets me to Ottawa as an Independent Member of Parliament, you’ll see some real panic in Quebec.

I make no bones about it. Canada needs to rid itself of Quebec. And Canada Is Not A Bilingual Country.

If I win with this message, what message do you think the rest of Canada’s politicians will begin to take serious notice of?


To read more about my campaign and how you can help get an INDEPENDENT CANADIAN VOICE into Parliament, please click on the link directly under my signature.

Remember: Together – WE WILL WIN BACK CANADA!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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