A Racist Parallel Between Canada And The USA

All we have to do in Canada is substitute the word Black for French.

Barak Obama belongs to a Black Church (Trinity United) in Chicago, where the now retired Minister Jeremiah Wright was his mentor for 20 years.

The Trinity United Church under Reverend Wright openly hates Whites, Jews and the USA. It just recently honored the scum of Black America, Moslem leader and Jew-hater extraordinaire, Louis Farrakhan, with their most prestigious honor.

Obama is a member of this Church. He was married in this Church. His children were baptized in this Church. He has spoken in this Church. And the Reverend Jeremiah Wright spoke glowingly of Obama with his full endorsement in this Church.

Obama has said on many occasions, that Reverend Wright is his spiritual advisor and moral compass. In fact, ‘till yesterday (March 14, 2008), the Reverend Wright traveled with Obama on the campaign trail.


Wright thinks the USA had 9/11 coming. He says people should not say God Bless America. He says: “GOD DAMN AMERICA”. Wright preaches that White Americans created AIDS to wipeout people of color.

If Obama was a white candidate, who for 20 years attended a White church, where the White Minister routinely expressed his hatred and derision for Blacks, Jews and America, what chance would this White guy have of ever running for the White House, least of all having any chance of winning?

The fact that Obama sells himself like a Black preacher means nothing. That he has no political or social track record to be proud of means a lot. But, that his personal relationship is intimately wrapped-up in a hateful piece of work like Jeremiah Wright says and means EVERYTHING!

Last night, Obama finally spoke out on this matter and utterly distanced himself and condemned the words of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Obama’s defense: I never heard these things directly.

I don’t believe him. How could this guy (Obama) be so close to this Church and Reverend for 20 years, and not know what the Preacher preached from the pulpit? How could he not know what was in he heart and mind of a man he claimed to be so close to, and for whom he held in his highest esteem?

If Obama really didn’t know, then he’s a moron, and that in itself, is far more than reason enough not to vote for him.

I recently wrote about the overused sledgehammer-word RACIST, which is used as a weapon to shut people up who have a legitimate argument against people and cultures that are injurious to our overall community.

Criticism of Obama is a perfect case in point, since his Preacher is a racist, and by association, I will say he is a racist too.

Geraldine Ferraro, America’s first and only female Vice Presidential candidate said this week: “If Obama was a White man, he would have no chance of winning the nomination or Presidency.”

She didn’t say that a Black man would have no chance to win. She said Obama would have no chance to win. For saying this, she had to resign from the Clinton inner circle for being branded a racist.

Obama is using his skin color as a shield against criticism. He is using his Black roots as a way of energizing the Black community to vote for him because he’s Black. He is using his “Blackness” to win over White Leftists who want a Black President above and beyond a good President, just to show how open they are.

If I were to stand up and shout above the din of the crowd, that I am voting for a certain Candidate because he is WHITE, opposed to the other candidates because they were Black, would I not be labeled a racist?

Look at all the high profile Blacks who have raced to endorse Barack Obama because he’s Black. We can start with Oprah.


All we have to do in Canada is substitute the word Black for French.

If we stand up to ethnocentric French nationalists who demand rights and advantages they do not deserve, we are called racists.

If we stand up for our rights as a 97% English speaking majority (excluding Quebec), to have majority privileges, we are called racists.

But the real racists, just like Obama’s camp, are the people who want special privileges they do not deserve. They are the people who constantly shriek discrimination, even though the reality is very different. And they are those who blame all others for their failings.

We NEVER hear the word racist about people who make the unrestricted use of the English language against the law. Nor do we hear the word racist used against people who will not hire English speakers into “their” civil service. Nor do we ever hear the word racist used to describe government policies that are strangling English education.

We don’t even hear the word racist used, where French political candidates are “parachuted” into safe mostly English ridings.

The only time in Canada, where the word racist is used, is when English speakers such as myself demand equal rights, and an end to French on English discrimination.

Like the Obama reversal of fortunes, Canada’s sick interpretation of who is, and who is not a racist will change. And when that time comes, we will indeed be able to build a better Canada for everyone.

Canada will eventually be on-track to becoming the country of the 21st century when Quebec is no longer a province, and Official Bilingualism is no longer a policy.

If you believe in the things I believe in. If you care about your country and want to help, please click on the red link under my signature to learn how you can make a difference.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am a Christian and we Christians have also been persecuted throughout time immemorial. I grieve for my Jewish brothers and sisters who suffered unbelieveably through the Holocaust. Whether we (Christian or Jew) believe that Jesus Christ was the true Messiah or just a beloved Prophet, His message, “love God and your neighbor as yourself” is the only thing that really matters. I honor your Pledge, “Never Again”.
    E.M. Obrecht, Romeo, Michigan

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